iPadWe're into the 4th day of Easter and, if you're a parent, I'm sure your level of trepidation is beginning to rise. Easter Sunday is over and they've stuffed their faces with Easter eggs so you know holiday boredom is going to kick in soon, especially with the weather ruling out some of the activities you no doubt had planned.

So what to do? Whip out your smartphone or tablet, of course, and download one of these entertaining (and educational) games for your kids.

Goodnight ABC

This is one for the pre-schoolers - it's a playful way to discover each letter and its related sounds by way of 26 screens full of animated surprises. Each screen has a colouring activity where your toddler can fill in the illustrations with their fingertip, and a labelling mode that associates words with objects.

Music Sparkles

If you want to encourage a little musicality amongst your littles ones, this is a great app. It allows your kids to practice virtually playing a number of musical instruments from saxophones to drums to recorders and many more besides. The bright graphics make it even more appealing, as does that fact that it's free.

Funimal Phonics

Phonics is the best way for your child to learn to read and this stylish flash-cards app gives what can be a repetitive task a friendly animal face. You'll be pleased to learn that it also includes US and UK English accents when speaking sounds, so your child doesn't grow up with an American accent!

Monster Time

Who better to teach you the time than a monster? Your children will certainly listen! Fear not, this monster is very cuddly and friendly and, better still, he'll help your children learn about telling the time on digital and analogue clocks.

Colour and Draw for Kids

This is a part drawing app for kids and part digital colouring book. It comes pre-loaded with some pictures and makes others available via in-app purchase.

Math vs. Zombies

If teachers told kids that maths was the only way to save the world from marauding zombie hordes, then we're sure more kids would be into it. And that's precisely what the premis of this game is. If you want to avoid being overun by zombies, then solving a series of maths problems (+,-,x and /) is the only way you're going to do it.

Percy Parker

Learning times tables can be tricky so a great way of learning them is to sing them (which is also a lot more fun than having to learn them by rote). In this app, your kids can join in with Percy Parker as he sings different songs for each times table.

A Day at the Circus

Bringing all the fun of the circus to both iOS and Android, with 20 mini-games based on the Big Top. Suitable for kids as young as three years old, expect fun with clowns, elephants, lions and more besides.

Lego Super Heroes Movie Maker

To be honest, we're not sure who's going to have most fun with this - you or the kids! This is an app to help children (and adults) create their own Lego movies, using stop-motion photos of characters and scenes they've built in the real world with their own Lego. Cool or what?

Star Walk

This is one for the older ones who have an interest in stargazing (or who you want to cultivate an interest in stargazing in). You find your location in the app and then you'll find out what stars you can see from your garden. The graphics are stunning.