It's iPhone upgrade time

Apple completely and utterly changed the game when they released the first iPhone back in 2007, with the entrepreneurial US company providing the impetus for smartphones to take over the mobile market. Since then, there have been several iterations of the popular handheld device, and no more than 14 different versions of the iOS operating system. Indeed, Apple recently announced the release of iOS 14 which will arrive as a free software update for compatible iPhone models later this year. Read on for 10 of the most exciting new features.

Home screen widgets

Possibly the biggest design and feature overhaul for the iPhone's software to date, the home screen is getting a completely new look, with new space and functionality for Widgets, which can show you more useful information than a simple app icon can.

App Clips

Apple have further streamlined the iPhone app experience with iOS 14, introducing new App Clips technology, something that is designed to make it even easier to find apps the moment you need them. The company have designed new App Clip codes that help route users to the right app in certain situations, however you can also use NFC tags or QR codes.

Messaging updates

The original iPhone revolutionised instant messaging, and now Apple are doing it all over again with iOS 14. The new messages update will include new Memoji options, as well as pinned conversations and group threads.

New guides in maps

The iPhone maps app has helped millions of us reach the right destination in time, but the new iOS 14 is set to ensure that we are also taking the greenest possible route in line with modern climate concerns. Cycling directions will also take into account incline for the first time.

Enhanced privacy features

Apple are always keen to update their privacy features, so it is no surprise that iOS 14 now makes it essential for apps to obtain user permission before tracking.

Updated Siri

One of the best things about the iPhone is its internal Siri service, which has been given a re-lick in iOS 14. Its vast knowledge bank has been expanded, for instance, and it can now send audio messages.

Digital car keys

Ever wished you could unlock your car using your iPhone? Well, with iOS 14 Apple have made this possible, and you can ever send car keys via iMessage.

Enhanced Find My app

When Apple first announced the Find My iPhone feature is was music to people's ears, but things get even better with iOS 14, as the company have announced third-party Find My support. This means that the app will now be able to locate other important digital possessions on iOS 14, and Apple have made sure that everything is end-to-end encrypted for user privacy.

Weather app update

The iPhone weather app looks to be at its most advanced in iOS 14, offering incredibly detailed features such as minute-by-minute precipitation whenever rain is in the forecast.

Enhanced AirPods integration

iOS 14 also offers some exciting new AirPods possibilities, with users being able to apply directional audio filters to place sounds anywhere in a virtual sonic field. They also will now have the ability to swap between Apple devices.

Updated Home app

iOS 14 makes it easier than ever to control aspects of your home with your iPhone, and as ever the Home app and HomeKit are all built to be completely private and secure.

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