Samsung_ Galaxy_Note_4The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is regarded as one of the top phablets currently out there. If you're still getting to grips with this lovely piece of kit or are thinking about switching to the Note 4 soon, there are some exciting new features which you may not know about.

Here are 10 new hidden features to try out:

1. Caller Information - as well as seeing who is calling you, you can also set up the Note 4 to bring up other useful information regarding your contact. The additional information displayed includes emails from the caller, texts, details of when you last spoke to them and any notes you took when you spoke to them which are stored on your handset. To set up - Settings - Callers - Show Caller Information.

2. Preview Links - a handy feature which enables you to preview URL links sent to you. You need to make sure your S Pen settings have been activated for Air View and then just hover your S Pen over the link to bring up a summary of the contents of that page.

3. Include S Pen Notes into Schedule - choose the Direct Pen Input for your S Pen. Go into the S Planner and you can then pick the date you want to add an entry into your schedule by holding the S Pen down so a pop-up window appears. Use the S Pen to add in any details of your appointment such as time, location and any useful notes and the information will be stored in your schedule.

4. Choose your Quick Settings - you can customise the particular settings on your Note 4 which are used the most and would be most useful to be access to for quick changes. All you need to do is pull up your Settings, hit the '+' button and select a maximum of 9 settings to make up your own Quick Settings.

5. Better Photos using Auto Exposure and Auto Focus - improve the quality and detail of your photos by using the automatic settings for both of these features for your rear-facing camera. To do this you just need to hold your finger on the area of the screen you want to focus in on and the auto settings will kick in to produce an enhanced image.

6. No More Blurry Selfies - get rid of those fuzzy, blurry selfies by using the HRM sensor on the rear of your Note 4 handset to take your photo instead of using the shutter or taking the photo by touching the screen.

7. Sound Detector - this feature means that you can record sounds such as your doorbell or landline ringing so that you can be alerted via a notification on your Note 4 smartphone or Gear smartwatch in case you haven't heard it. Really handy if you're plugged into your headphones or struggle to hear them above other noise in your house.

8. Voice Recorder Meeting Mode - a genius feature to help you with recording or minute taking for meetings. Meeting Mode can distinguish between 8 different voices and can pinpoint from which direction each individual voice is coming from. You can pull up a great graphic which will play the recording and display the location of each voice in the room and can choose which voice(s) to play back without having to hear the whole recording.

9. WiFi Sharing - connect with other Galaxy Note 4 users to do a spot of wifi sharing. Just one of the Note 4 handsets needs to have wifi connected, the others can Quick Connect by swiping from the Notification Panel and then finding the device you want to connect to by selecting 'Share Wi-Fi'.

10. Use your Note 4 One Handed - the size of the Note 4 screen means using it one handed is very tricky. However it's not impossible as you can change the settings to make the size of the screen smaller. Go into Settings - Display & Wallpaper - One Handed Operation - Reduce Screen Size. Drag the screen with your finger from the edge of the screen inwards to make the screen the size you want it.