SIM Only plans are becoming more popular, but what's so good about them?

Before we get stuck into the top 10 reason to switch to SIM only, let's address what a SIM only plan is... of course, lots of you know already but many don't (including my mum).

What is a SIM only plan?

A SIM only plan is a mobile network price plan where you pay for a bundle of minutes, texts and data but no actual phone. You take the SIM card and insert it either into your existing phone or a new one you've purchased. The cost per month of the plan usually works out cheaper than a pay monthly handset contract as you're not paying for the hardware too.

If you're considering switching or not sure of the benefits, our team at Chitter Chatter have compiled the top 10 reasons to switch to SIM only.

1. Love my mobile. Hate my plan.

So you bought the phone of your dreams, either SIM free or on a pay monthly phone contract that you've reached the end of.  Now you can set it free - choose a SIM only plan to give yourself the flexibility of choosing between networks, plans and pricing.  Choose a 30 day rolling plan for maximum flexability, or enjoy the discounts often found on 12 month and 24 month SIM only contracts.

You can check out all the SIM only plans that are on offer here:

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2. You get to keep your number

If you're switching to SIM only at the end of your contract,  you can keep your existing mobile number. It's an easy process. If you're switching to a new network (for example, from EE to Vodafone), you'll need a PAC code - you can do this when you order your new SIM only plan or after. See here for how to get a PAC.

3. Data SIMs

Did you know, you  can get a SIM specifically for just data. Data SIMs can be purchased for SIM-enabled tablets and mobile broadband routers for as little as £5 per month.

4. Everything's Temporary

The great thing about SIM only plans is you can choose a 30 day plan or pay as you go if you wish. This means you're not tied into a long contract. Great if you want to try a new network for while or need a second SIM for travelling. It's worth noting that 30 day plans or pay as you go plans can cost a bit more per month than say, a 12 month or 24 month plan. But this is not always the case so check the prices for both as some networks will offer promotional deals on certain plans.

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5. Swapping to a micro SIM? No problem!

There are three different SIM card sizes in circulation - Standard, Micro and Nano (with eSIM now available on some devices too).  The one you need to use, depends on the phone model you're using. If you order a SIM only plan, you'll get a new triple SIM card and can pop out the correct size for your phone.

6. Gift It

SIM only plans can make a great gift, even more so with a new smartphone or tablet. Even without the gadget, picking the best value for the price on a SIM card and saving on the monthly costs will surely be appreciated.

7. Seconds, Please!

Need a second line for work or someone in the family? SIM only plans are ideal for this as you can use them in an unlocked phone you already have.

8. Freedom

Going SIM only means you have are not locked into 2 year contracts. You can pick from contracts that last just a month, or a year.

9. More mobile models to choose from

You are no longer tied down to just the models of smartphones that the networks offer - go ahead and buy that exotic mobile phone you saw on YouTube - there are exceptions to which models the networks support but most of the time, if they're unlocked you'll find they work just fine.

10. Reduce your monthly bill

The big one. Should have been Number 1 really. On average, SIM only customers pay less than handset contract customers. Simple.

You can check out the latest SIM only deals from networks here at Chitter Chatter and if you need any help or advice, our chat team or Twitter team will be happy to help.

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