Along with phones and tablets, Chitter Chatter helps you get the right mobile plan for your needs. Our deeply rooted partnership with the largest network in UK - EE - ensures that we are updated on all the latest services and contracts available. And this translates into better advice for our customers. For instance, when is it wise to pick a SIM-only plan? Here's what our experts say:

1. Love my mobile. Hate my plan.

So you bought the phone of your dreams - now to get the best contract to give it free reign. Choose SIM-only to give yourself the flexibility of choosing between networks, plans and pricing. Check out all the plans that are on offer here:

12 Month SIM Only Plans

2. You get to keep your number

We'll also help you retain your existing mobile number! It's an easy three step process to porting to EE, whether you are on Orange / T-Mobile or any other mobile network.

3. Data SIMs

You can get a SIM specifically for your data needs. 4GEE SIM cards can be bought for your tablets and home WiFi for as less as £10 per month. The plan covers 1GB of data - so go ahead and browse, stream and play without worry!

Check out more plans here: Mobile Broadband SIM-only



4. Everything's Temporary

If you are traveling or just need a mobile temporarily, pick a SIM-only plan that's easy to set up and get started. Ask us about the short term contracts:

30 Day SIM Only Plans

5. Swapping to a micro-SIM? No problem!

Switching from one SIM to another is instant, easy and private. EE's self-activating SIM cards make the process a breeze. Like this customer, if you just switched phones and need a new SIM because the old one doesn't fit, just call us up and we'll help you get the right SIM card for a fee.

6. Gift It

It makes a great gift, along with the latest smartphone or tablet in the market. Even without the gadget, picking the best value for the price on a SIM card and saving costs will surely be appreciated.

7. Seconds, Please!

EE has a great deal on customers adding a second line: no upfront cost and a £3 monthly discount to make it £13.99 per month for a 4G SIM card with:

  • 2000 minutes
  • 2 GB data
  • Unlimited text messages


8. More mobile models to choose from

You are no longer tied down to the models of smartphones that the networks offer - go ahead and buy that exotic foreign mobile!

9. Freedom

Going SIM-only means you have are not locked into 2 year contracts. You can pick from contracts that last just a month, or a year.

10. Upgrade to 4G

Move ahead with faster downloads, browsing and buffering at no extra cost when you shift from a 2G or 3G network to EE, the fastest network in the UK. Do ensure you have a 4G ready phone and check coverage of the network.