Unless you’ve had a few months to read all those instructions and try out for yourself the incredible number of features which are packed into your Samsung Galaxy SIII, chances are you could be missing out on some of the brilliant things your phone can do.

We always like to make sure that our customers are getting the best out of their handsets so here are some of our Chitter Chatter top tips for the SIII.

Motion Controller (Settings – Motion) – rather than using the touch screen to navigate the home screens, you can simply customise your motion controller options to enable you to flick your handset right and left to switch screens. Check out the various options which allow you to zoom in and out of web pages by tilting your phone up and down and to capture a screen grab by swiping the side of your hand across the screen.

Search the web quickly – from the home screen, hold down the ‘Menu’ button for a couple of seconds and hey presto you get transported directly to the Google search bar.

Contacts short cuts – save some time when you need to message or phone one of your existing contacts with some touchscreen short cuts. Go into your Contacts and swipe left to right to call them or right to left to text them.

Add Contact details directly from Twitter and Facebook – rather than having to add your contact details manually, simply install the Facebook and Twitter apps and you can pull your friends contact details through into your Contacts book.

Get the most from your battery life – preserve some battery power by switching off some of your phone connections when you’re not using them. Access your pull down notification bar and you can turn off various connections including Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth which will extend your battery life in between charging.

Back up your data – losing your phone can be a bit like losing an arm. To make sure all of the important data on your phone is regularly backed up, you can use Samsung’s desktop software Keis which enables you to store the data on your laptop or PC or download an app to allow you to back-up onto a SD card.

Multi-task – the SIII will let you watch videos whilst also using other areas of your phone such as checking your emails and surfing the web. Tap the arrow which appears in the transport bar on the bottom right hand side of your screen and the clever Samsung video player will play the video as an overlay on your home screen.

Best Face – the Best Face feature is brilliant for taking photos of children or tricky subjects where pulling faces or closing eyes are a problem. It automatically takes 5 shots in less than a second and gives you the option of choosing the best one.

Panoramic photos – similar to the iPhone 5, the SIII has the capabilities to take some decent panoramic photos. Just slowly pan your phone over the scene you want to capture and you can get some respectable panoramic pictures.

Pay for items using your mobile! – use the NFC (near field communication) feature on your Galaxy S3 to make contactless payments with your mobile. This is a relatively new concept at the moment but if you’re on the Orange network, you can buy items with your mobile phone from stores such as Subway and EAT by using the QuickTap system.