iPhone 5Apple has given their latest iPhone, the iPhone 5, quite a make-over. Not only is the phone thinner and lighter, the screen is larger & sharper and the camera takes pretty great pictures even coping well with low-light conditions. Here are 10 things you can do on your iPhone 5 which you may not have yet discovered.

1. A new version of Siri

iOS 6 Siri is a bit like having your own PA. Simply launch Siri and ask it to ‘Post to Facebook’ and hey presto you can update your status. Siri can also tweet and can book a table at a restaurant by interfacing with the OpenTable app once it’s been installed on your phone.

2. Answering phone calls with a text

If you are too busy to talk, you can answer a call by tapping on the phone icon (bottom right) which will give you a selection of pre-programmed text message replies you can send such as ‘Reply with Message’.

3. Copying a URL

Handy if you want to send a URL by email or text, you can use the share button on the Safari browser (middle button on menu bar at the bottom), choose the ‘Copy’ option and paste it into your message.

4. Check your browsing history

Can’t remember the name of that website you were surfing a few days ago? Just keep your finger pressed down on the ‘back’ button in Safari and it will display your browser history.

5. VIP email folder

If like me you have way too many messages and get fed up of trying to find the important ones buried amongst them, the VIP folder will redirect messages that you want to read and find straight into your VIP folder. You need to designate the email addresses you want redirected and they will automatically drop into your folder. You can also set them to appear in your Notification Centre.

6. Maximise the screen size

Make your iPhone 5 phone screen even bigger when you’re using the Safari browser by turning the phone so it’s horizontal and tap on the button on the far right-hand size on the bottom menu. This will make the toolbar and URL address bar disappear therefore maximising your screen.

7.  Catch up on web pages offline

Ideal for times when you don’t have an internet connection or you want to minimise your data usage. Simply hit the share button on Safari and ‘add to reading list’. The page is then stored in a folder to access whenever you please.

8.  Insert a photo or video into an email

When you’re composing an email, double click on a blank area within the email screen and it gives you the option to easily attach a photo or video without having to email from the Photos app.

9.  Share photos with your contacts

For those contacts not on Facebook or if you prefer to share you pictures with a select few, you can set up a ‘Photo Stream’.  This will allow friends and family to view your photos when you add their email addresses from your iPhone.  To set this up, choose the photos you want to share by hitting the share button on each image and file it in a Photo Stream. The email addresses for the photo streams are stored so new pictures can be easily shared with the same list of contacts as you add more photos.

 10.  Send an Apple Gift

With perfect timing for Christmas, Apple has just reintroduced the Gifting app on iOS 6. This allows you to buy and send a fellow iPhone 5 user an Apple Store gift card. The gifts can be sent straight away or timed to be sent on a particular date up to 3 months in advance. You can even send a message to accompany your gift and can send it to more than one friend at the same time.