Google_NowIf you have an Android smartphone or tablet then make the most of the Google Now, the virtual personal assistant that can help you with tasks, to unearth information and all manner of other useful things. Here are 10 handy things that Google can do for you, get ready with those voice commands...

Control your WiFi and Bluetooth

Get the most from your battery by only turning the WiFi and Bluetooth on when you need it rather than having it on in the background all the time. Even better rather than having to manually do it yourself you can ask Google to do it for you - 'Okay Google Now, turn on WiFi.'

Maths and Currency Conversions

Brilliant for when you're on the go, Google Now can solve maths calculations and give you an idea of how many Euros you'll get for your British Pounds. For example, 'What is 350 divided by 12.'

Work out Time Zones

So handy when you're travelling, planning trips or you need to call someone in a different time zone, Google Now can let you know what the local time is and what the time difference currently is.

Voice Activated Calling

For hands-free calls, you can ask Google to dial the contacts in your smartphone. Just simply instruct Google to do it for you, such as 'Call Matt'.

Hands-free Texts and Emails

Google is a fantastic digitalised personal assistant. Simply instruct Google to email or text a particular contact and it will set up and send an email or text with your dictated message.

Directions and Maps

Google Now can load up maps of a particular area, work out distances between two places, act as a satnav to your destination and show you where a particular attraction or restaurant etc is on a map.

Alarms and Reminders

You can set all sorts of reminders, alarms and Note to Self on Google Now. Use your voice commands to remind you do to chores, set an alarm to wake you up or to keep tabs on useful notes such as shopping lists, work ideas or even places you'd like to visit.

Shazam Music

Another great thing about Google Now is that it can Shazam songs for you so you can find out the artist and what the track is called. Ideal for when you're on the move and you hear a song being played in a shop or on the TV or radio and you want to find out more. 'Ok Google - Shazam this song'.

Look up Restaurant, Cinemas and Theatres

If you want to know what's on at the cinema, what Greek restaurants are in town or what new play is on at the theatre, Google has all the information, it can even look up restaurant menus for you so you can see what you want to order in advance.

Organising your Travel Arrangements

Whether you're travelling by car, train, coach or plane, Google can help to ensure your travel plans go as smoothly as possible. You can find out directions, train times, coach schedules and airport terminal information as well as what attractions, restaurants, bars and things there are to do at your destination.