Are you using your iPhone's virtual assistant, Siri? If not, then these ideas might inspire you to start. If you are, then you'll no doubt read about some ways you could be using Siri more. Enjoy!

1. Post on Social Media

You can ask Siri to update your social media status for you. At the moment, this only works for Twitter and Facebook but it's quick and simple to do and just takes a couple of seconds. All you need to do is say 'Post to Facebook/Twitter' and whatever you want to post. Once Siri has confirmed your message then you just hit send to update.

2. Find Emails

Another great time saver is to enlist Siri's help with locating emails you need to look at. Siri can search through your emails by content in the subject line, from a specific person or from a particular date.

3.Locate Settings on your iPhone or iPad

Instead of trying to work out which menu you need to open to do a certain function on your phone or iPad, you can ask Siri to find it for you. For example 'Open Battery Settings' and you're taken straight to it. You can also ask Siri to open up applications in the same way.

4. Set up Reminders

Rather than setting an alarm or putting something in your calendar, you can ask Siri to remind you do to something by a quick command. Such as 'Remind me at 11am tomorrow to go to the dentist'.

5. Help with your Maths

If you need to do a maths calculation which is a bit beyond working it out in your head, Siri can do it for you without the need to open up the calculator app. Just tell Siri what you need to work out and she will give you the answer.

6. Read your Texts and Emails

Did you know you can ask Siri to read your emails or text messages. Just use the command 'Read my Email' or 'Read my Messages' and you have the option for Siri to read out whatever message or email you need to hear and you can also reply to the sender too.

7. Correcting a Message

If you're using Siri to dictate a message, words can be misunderstood. Rather than having to turn Siri off and start all over again you can ask Siri to 'Change it'. This will take you back to the last prompt so you can dictate the correction to edit your message.

8. Convert Distances and Measurements

If you want to convert miles into kilometres or kilos into pounds then Siri can give you the answer along with a few extra conversions in a matter of seconds.

9. Check your Dates

If you want to find out how many days it is until a specific date or what day Christmas Day falls on you can ask Siri to look it up for you. For example 'How many days until August 14th' or 'When is Christmas Day'.

10. Try out Morse Code

Siri has this covered too! If you want to find out the sequence of dots and dashes for letters and words, Siri can do this for you. Just ask Siri 'What's the Morse Code for iPhone' for example.