iPhone5S-GoldThere are so many things an iPhone is capable of doing which are still relatively unknown and not often used. Here at Chitter Chatter we like to make sure you're getting the most from your smartphones, so here are out top 10 little known tricks for the iPhone.

Recharge Your iPhone in Half the Time

Yes really!  And no gimmicky special chargers required. All you need to do is change your iPhone settings so it's in Airplane Mode. This automatically turns off apps and settings which are the biggest drain on your battery and enables your handset to charge in half the normal time.

Go Back Swipe

Like most smartphones, the iPhone doesn't have its own 'go back' button. However there's a simple way around this. By swiping your finger across the screen backwards, you can take yourself back to the app or screen you were just in.

Answer Calls/Take Photos with your iPhone Earbuds

It sounds a bit bizarre but your earbuds can be used to control several areas on your phone and not just your music. Tap the centre button to pick up and finish phone calls, divert your calls to voicemail (hold the centre button down until you hear 2 beeps) and use your earbuds to take a photo by holding the volume up button which controls the camera's shutter.

Ask Siri to Read Emails for You

Fantastic for checking your emails or finding out if an important email has come in, particularly if you're busy driving or multitasking and can't see your screen. You can just ask Siri to 'Read My Email' and she can read out any new emails which have come in. You can also ask that she reads out emails from a specific person or that she just reads your latest emails.

Fall Asleep to Music

You can set up a timer for your music which enables you to wind down and fall asleep with your favourite tracks playing and then it will automatically switch itself off. All you need to do is use the Timer app and choose 'Stop Playing' for whatever length of time you want your music to play for.

Texts Read Aloud

It's not just emails you can get read out to you but also text messages too. You need to enable 'Speak Selection' which can be found in your General Settings under Accessibility. If you want to entertain your mates you can even pick a different accent for the texts to be read in!

Undo Typing

A really fast way of deleting some text you've just written is to just give your iPhone a quick shake. An Undo Typing pop-up menu will appear which you can select to delete any words you've just written but no longer want.

Do a Bit of Plane Spotting

This is definitely one to impress you mates with. You can ask Siri all sorts of things but this one is very clever. If you see a plane flying overhead and you want to find out details about the flight, all you need to do is ask Siri 'What planes are overhead?' and she will bring up a list of all aircraft, flight numbers and even their cruising altitude.  How cool is that!

Scroll through Video in Slow Motion

Usually when you scroll through a film or song video on your iPhone, your handset is set to scroll at high speed. However there is the option to scroll through them at half, a quarter or an eighth of the speed if there's something you want to particularly find or look out for. At the top of your video there is a dot called a Playhead, just slide down from the dot to select the speed you want and then still keeping your finger on the screen, move it left or right to scroll through.

Rapid Photo Shots

A great idea to ensure you get at least one decent photo or if you're trying to nail an action shot. Just hold the capture button down for a few seconds and your iPhone will take a bunch of shots in quick succession for you to choose the best from.