Updgrade your iPhone software to the latest iOS 14 and unlock a whole host of new features and improvements

Anyone who has kept half an eye on mobile phone tech news will know all about Apple's latest iOS 14 update. Launched on 16th September 2020, it promises a whole raft of new functionality to iPhone users on their existing models (or if they're upgrading to a new iPhone. This includes people with the following models:

iOS 14 compatible iPhone models

  • iPhone 11 series
  • iPhone XS and XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S and 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE (2020 and 2016 models)

There is a lot to check out with this latest update and here are our 14 favourites...

1. New map features

The new iOS 14 update packs in not one but two cool new map features. As well as the addition of cycling directions, there is a feature called 'Guides' which gives information on what to do in top global locations.

2. Smarter SIRI

A new, smarter version of the iPhone's personal assistant with over 20 times more information is included with the latest iOS update.

3. Ability to operate your car

Certainly one of the most intriguing new features is this one. Apple has used cutting-edge tech to allow users to open and start certain car models from their iPhone!

4. Compact calling

Unlike the previous arrangement, any incoming call only takes up a small part of the upper screen and leaves you able to see the rest of your phone.

5. Funky new library for apps

Apple has introduced a new app library feature with iOS 14. This sees your phone create automatic categories and place all similar apps in there for you.

6. Developer API for widgets

Another new iOS 14 feature is the ability for developers to create widgets. Cutting-edge API functionality means you cannot only bring widgets to life but place them on your home screen too.

7. Pinned conversations

This new operating system also brings pinned conversations into play. This means users can pin up to 9 favourite conversations in their messages to the top of the conversation list for quick access.

8. Fresh memoji styles

Who doesn't love a good memoji? This update sees 11 fresh hairstyles to select from, such as man buns and top knots, plus of course, face masks.

9. Home status

Apple has included a visual status bar that sits atop the iPhones home screen. This gives you a round-up of anything that needs your attention or accessories which have status changes.

10. Extra web privacy

A quick tap on the Privacy Button takes you into a Web Privacy Report. This displays all website trackers that Safari is blocking to keep you safe.

11. Shot to shot performance boosted

iOS 14 comes with the chance to take photographs up to 90% quicker than before. Operating at 4 frames per second, the iPhone camera will now modify how photos are dealt with for faster results.

12. Facetime improvements

Facetime now has a Picture in Picture mode so you can multitask while video calling. In addition, the video quality is now up to an impressive 1080p.

13. New emoji search function

Found in the emoji keyboard, you just type in what type of emoji you are looking for in words to bring it up.

14. Cool autoplay feature for music

If you like to listen to tunes on Apple Music, you will love the new autoplay function. When a song or playlist finishes, Apple Music will find similar tracks to keep the party going.

iOS 14 update for iPhone is immense

While the above are the best new features to look out for in iOS 14, there are actually many more to discover.   Apple has really gone to town with this latest update and given their main Android competitors a run for their money! If you have an iPhone which is compatible, you are in for a blast.

To update your iPhone to iOS 14, head to Settings > General > Software Update.  Your phone should then automatically check for the update and you can download and install it.  Make sure you back your iPhone up first and you'll also need 3GB-4GB of memory on your phone available to install it.  And if you're in the mood for upgrading to a new iPhone model, you'll find all the latest iPhone deals right here at Chitter Chatter in our shop.

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