Recently unwrapped your shiny new Blackberry Z10 or Q10? Finding your way through the new BB10 OS? Here are 20 tips and tricks we've discovered.


1. To reveal your open tabs, pull the icon in the browser bottom left very slightly to the right.


2. You can 'Pinch zoom' when taking a photo using your fingers (or thumbs!)


3. If you add a contact to Favorites, it'll appear at the top of your contacts.

4. Fast scroll by scrolling through letters on the left.

5. When you open your contacts, swipe from the top down, click on settings and from this menu you can select which contacts appear (SIM, BBM, Twitter,Facebook etc.)


6. When searching in the Hub, tap in the 3 lines at the left of the search bar to get the advanced search option.


7. On your Z10, you can swipe up with 2 fingers to bring up the keyboard and the opposite to get rid of it. If you want to hide it, tap and hold the spacebar.

8. For caps, tap and hold a letter key. This works for some punctuation keys too to get alternative characters.

9. A tip to quickly 'cycle' through the 3 keyboard (alpha, numbers & punctuation, more punctuation) - swipe down.

10. Swipe left anywhere on the keyboard to backspace a word.

11. Voice type/dictate by using the dot key.

12. Tap and hold the comma for keyboard/language settings.

13. Double-tap the spacebar for a full stop.


14. Add a contact to speed dial and it'll appear at the top of screen.

15.  Hold a call by pressing and holding down the mute button.

16.  Taking notes during a call will automatically save them in Remember app.


17. When the device is booting up, tap the screen to change the Blackberry logo to the %age complete.

18. Press the volume up and down keys together to take a screenshot.

19. To change your email signature got to Hub, tap the three dots bottom right corner, select settings, email accounts and then tap email account and select edit signature.

20. When playing music and in another app, tap the volume key and you get a popup of the current track playing, the volume, some album art and play/pause and back/fwd buttons. If you tap the album art image, it will take you back to the media player.