Sales of gadgets which come under the ‘wearable technology’ continue to rise as designers and engineers become ever more innovative in developing new cutting-edge technology. We take a look at some of the coolest wearable technology products currently making the headlines.

Sony SmartWatch

Sony-SmartWatch-2If you want to keep on top of urgent calls or important emails at all times then it may well be worth investing in a Sony SmartWatch.

The Android-compatible SmartWatch is a clever watch-style device which connects with your smartphone or tablet (as long as it runs on Android 4.0 or later) and it effectively works like a remote for your Android and vibrates on your wrist to alert you of any activity on your mobile phone. Extremely useful for situations where you may not be able to hear your mobile or cannot have it on your person, it keeps you discretely updated with notifications and updates such as phone calls, emails, SMS, social network posts and calendar reminders.

You can also use it to control your music player and you can download other apps onto it including fitness apps from Google Play. Sony have just announced that they will be launching a SmartWatch 2 in September which will be NFC enabled, can be used as a remote controlled camera shutter and will have over 200 apps which have been designed specifically to be used with the SmartWatch.

Google Glass

Google's Sergey Brin wearing Google Glass at New York fashion week.News about the super hi-tech Google Glass continues to dominate the technology world so what exactly is all the fuss about?

There were lots of rumours last year about Google apparently working on designing some augmented reality glasses. Little did most people realise that Google’s invention would become a physical reality so quickly. So what do the Google Glasses actually do?

Basically the idea behind it is that all the information you would usually have on your PC, mobile or tablet can be displayed directly in front of your eyes via Google Glass. The glasses are in effect a display, camera and touchpad with an inbuilt battery and microphone all contained within spectacle-style frames so you can search the web, translate articles, take photos and video literally as you walk about.

In case you’re wondering how they work, there’s a prism screen in the top right of your right lens where information is displayed so it doesn’t obscure your vision. There’s also a microphone and touch pad housed in one of the frame’s arms so you can choose what you want to do with the glasses or you can just tell it by speaking your instructions.

You can also link your glasses to an Android phone so you can send and receive messages using voice to text technology. Rumour has it that Google Glass will be available to buy towards the end of 2013 so maybe one to put on your Christmas list.

The 'Glove' Phone

Glove_PhoneYou’ve probably heard of gloves which have been designed to be used with touchscreen phones/tablets when the weather is on the chilly side but how about some gloves which you can use to conduct a mobile phone conversation?

As part of a project to creatively use old recycled mobile phones, O2 challenged a designer to come up with something different. Sean Miles has come up with a prototype for bluetooth-enabled gloves which work alongside a mobile phone. Basically you use the gloves to listen to your calls through the thumb and you speak into the little finger. Could come in handy (get it?!)