myfitnesspalHands up who is trying to lose some Christmas lbs? No doubt there are a fair few of you who have indulged over the festive season and are on a health kick to try and shed a bit of weight. Here are 5 of the best apps to help you on your way.

MyFitnessPal (Android, iOS - Free)

One of the most popular calorie-counting apps out there. MyFitnessPal has a database with calorie and nutritional information on more than 4 million foods. You can also use the MFP website to set up your very own food diary which will automatically sync with their mobile apps so it's quick and easy to keep track of what you're eating. You can also input ingredients from your own recipes to calculate calories and it integrates with Apple's HealthKit for any iPhone and iPad users. As well as keep tabs on food, you can also monitor any exercise you do and monitor how many calories you're burning.

Superfood (Android, iOS £0.69)

If you're concentrating more on improving your health rather than just watching your calories then check out the Superfood app. Packed full of delicious looking superfoods, you will certainly discover some new foods to add to your diet as well as motivating you to eat super healthily. If you have a specific health concern you're looking to alleviate, then it will also give you lots of tips on the type of foods to include or eliminate from your diet. There's over 300 recipes to try and lots of handy information on the best foods to help you feel fit and healthy.

Low Fat Recipes (iOS - Free)

If you're bored of eating the same old low calorie meals and are looking for some inspiration to keep you on the straight and narrow then this is a great app for meal ideas. There are a huge number of recipes to try covering just about every dietary requirement and budget. You can also search for recipes depending on what ingredients you have left in your fridge and cupboards which is massively handy for using up any left overs. There's also meal ideas for kids and you can mark your favourite recipes so you can pull them up in an instant. Time to get cooking.

My Diet Coach (Android, iOS - Free)

Half the battle with losing weight is willpower! My Diet Coach will do its utmost to stop you caving into any cravings or heading down the chippy with some great motivational techniques, as well as setting you some challenges and rewarding you virtually when you hit your targets and goals. Break those bad habits which have sabotaged previous dieting attempts with customised reminders and notifications as well as helping you to monitor your calories, track your weight loss and keep a diary of your daily diet. It will also encourage you to get moving to burn off some fat and feel better.

Nutrino (iOS - Free)

A great app for creating your very own personalised menus. All you have to do is input your detail and vital statistics and Nutrino will work out your ideal weight and how you go about achieving your weight loss goal according to the types of foods you like to eat. Nutrino will provide you with daily menu suggestions and can work out exactly what you need to buy from the shops. It also integrates with HealthKit and can be connected to any Fitbit devices.