Inspired by the Apple Pencil and the sketches made at the recent #AppleEvent, we decided to list some of our favourite apps for bringing out the artist in you. Whether you are on an Android or iPhone, you can use these apps - you don't need a stylus. And if the mobile screen's too small for you, don't fret - we sell tablets! Get the EE Harrier or the Huawei T1 Pro 8 and start drawing!

ArtFlow (Free)

It's not just for kids - apps like ArtFlow allow you to create complex paintings and sketches with an easy UI. Tip: Follow the instructions carefully at the beginning to learn the shortcuts. The app lets you add custom colour palettes, add effects, manipulate the saturation, hues and much more.


Sketch Master (Free)

Sketch Master by Korean developer Bari Lab allows you to start painting immediately with its very simple user interface that resembles Paint. It allows you to use your fingers to soften brush strokes as well as to zoom in and pan across the canvas. You can also import photos from your gallery to re-touch or add a note. If you're just starting off, this is perfect.

ArtRage (Paid)

The ArtRage app comes with excellent support, forums and a community where you can interact with people with a similar interest in art, featured artists, contests and more. It is being used to create book covers, illustrations and more. Head over to their website to join in:


CloverPaint (Paid)

This app is for those who are used to complex tools with lots of customisation features. For best results, use CloverPaint with a stylus on a tablet or disable touch on your mobile.

SketchBook (Free)



From the stables of Autodesk, this app is aimed at those with some expertise and knowledge of layers, symmetry and styles.



Bonus: Zen Brush

We liked this one for the pure joy of imitating calligraphy - Zen Brush simulates a real ink brush, getting the flow, contrast and colours down pat.

Download these apps on a rainy Saturday evening or on your lunch break at work and tell us what you liked or didnt like about them. Want to share some of your sketches/ doodles with us? We'd love to see them! Share them with us and our friends on our Facebook page.