Did you know there are more than 700 photography apps available to download in the iTunes store? That’s a pretty phenomenal number and demonstrates the growing requirements of being able to take decent photos on your smartphone. Let’s face it, most smartphone cameras have more pixels than the average old SLR and the popularity of photo sharing on the social media networks means that photo apps are hugely in demand. Here’s our pick of some of the top Apps to get your treasured photos looking more like a Mario Testino masterpiece and less like one taken by your 4 year old.

Hipstamatic – one of the original mobile phone photography apps which gives a classic, timeless feel to photos by using of a choice of filters. You pick the filter/effect you’re hoping to achieve before you take the actual picture rather than having to apply it afterwards. The filters produce beautiful photos with a retro feel so it’s almost guaranteed to make your photography skills look pretty impressive.

Snapseed – a brilliantly versatile photography app which has won accolades and awards despite only being released in the summer of 2011. Now owned by Google and available for less than a price of a pint, Snapseed is probably the closest you’ll get to professional-type editing for your mobile photos. Straightforward to use, you can choose your editing tools and the power of the filters with a quick swipe of your screen.

360 Panorama – perfect for holidays, travelling and taking stunning panoramic shots when you don’t have your main camera to hand. 360 Panorama as its name suggests, gives you the opportunity to take a 360-degree photo by panning your smartphone camera along your chosen view and taking multiple shots in quick succession. It will even fill in any missing spots. You then have the choice of generating a ‘normal’ photo or one which shows off the full 360-degree view.

Instagram – probably THE most popular and well known photography app with millions of users worldwide. Recently acquired by Facebook, Instagram is not only available as a free download but it offers some great photographic effects including an excellent choice of filters, blurring tools and funky borders to make your images really stand out.

Camera+ - this so simple to use app frequently tops the app charts. Jam packed with a whole host of features, it can really improve the look of your photos with a super strong digital zoom, amazing filters, exposure control, image stabiliser to avoid handshake and blurry pictures and comes with a range of different scenes you can choose. It’s pretty much like using a regular camera but with all the added benefits of it being available at the touch of your phone screen. Even better it costs a mere 69p!