With Halloween just around the corner and the shops full of costumes and goodies for a night of parties and trick or treating, we take a look at some themed apps to get you into the spirit of Halloween.

Peekaboo Trick or Treat (iOS £1.49)

Peekaboo_Trick_or_TreatIdeal for Toddlers and pre-schoolers, this app is a fun and non-scary Halloween peekaboo game set in a haunted house. With beautiful characters from children’s illustrator Ed Emberley, the app features 14 friendly ghosts, dragons and witches which pop up and surprise your little ones and keep them entertained with funny dances, sound effects and music. It also gives an educational slant with an emphasis on repeating the names and learning the spellings and there’s a storybook mode where the Halloween characters all go to sleep at the end of the game.

I Spy Spooky Mansion (iOS £2.49)

ispy_mansion_lgIf you’ve got slightly older children, this award-winning app is suitable for 6 years and upwards. Based on the popular I Spy Spooky Night book, the object of the game is to escape from the ‘scary’ Mansion by collecting the 7 keys hidden in the various rooms. In order to collect the keys, you need to solve riddles and search for Halloween-type objects such as bats and skeletons. The riddles can also be set to be read out loud for younger children and the game isn’t too scary to frighten your kids!

Ultimate Horror Sensation Quiz (Android £1.50)

ultimate-horror-sensation-quiz-104612-1-s-307x512One for teenagers and adults, test your knowledge of classic horror books, films and stories with this enjoyable multiple-choice quiz. With questions ranging from the film Ghostbusters to vampires, werewolves and monsters pit your wits against your friends and you’ll probably learn a few more things too!


Pumpkin Pal (iPad £2.49)

pumpkin_palGet some inspiration and practice your pumpkin carving skills with this great app for your iPad. All you need to do it select your virtual pumpkin, choose the pumpkin carving patterns or create your own designs. All of your lanterns are saved automatically and you can email your masterpieces directly from the app or dim the screen background and turn off your lights for a great Halloween lantern display.

Monster Mashup (Android £0.61)

Monster_MashupIGet into the Halloween spirit and design your very own Halloween Monster. This app would be great for a kids’ party as there are over 50,000 faces which can be created just by swiping the screen and choosing different weird and wonderful features for your customised scary face. The monsters you can base your faces on include skeletons, Frankenstein, witches and Halloween lanterns amongst many others.