Spring Half Term is approaching so time to look at some apps to organise your family,  encourage your kids to help out around the house or keep tabs on them when they're out and about. Here are some of our favourites.

Cozi Family Calendar & Lists (Android, iOS, Free)

If you’re busy juggling your own appointments, let alone your partners and kids, this award-winning app could make your life a whole lot easier. Cozi Family provides you with a shared calendar with colour coded spots for each of your family members, just add in the relevant appointment or activity and assign it to whoever in your family needs to be there and you can quickly see who should be where on a particular day and at what time. You can sync it so everyone can access it and you can also use it for shopping lists, to do lists and to keep a family journal.

Baby Brain (Android, iOS, Free)

Probably everything you need to know about bringing up a baby as well as keeping track of his/hers feeding and sleep patterns, as well as games and ideas to keep your little one entertained. Gives you the option to keep a diary of feeds, nappy changes as well as periods of activity and sleep and to keep a record of any medications your baby may be on.

HomeBudget (iOS only, £2.99)

Brilliant app for keeping tabs on your household budget. You can track your expenses, account balances and keep an eye on when bills are due as well as picking up some useful ideas for careful budgeting. You can also take advantage of Famil Sync which will enable the relevant Apple devices in your family to be linked so you can stay on top of additional expenses as they crop up. Another handy feature is the option to attach photo images of receipts so you have a record of important purchases particularly those with a warranty or guarantee.

Chore Bank (iOS, Android, £1.49)

A fantastic app for encouraging your kids to help out with jobs around the house! It works like a virtual bank, where you can create a list of chores and decide on a monetary value for each job. As your kids help with the chores they earn money which goes into their virtual ‘bank accounts’ which can be used for treats, pocket money or whatever you decide.

Life 360 (iOS and Android, Free)

Perfect for fretting parents who worry when their children are out and about, this GPS-based app sends prompts so children can let their parents know where they are and that they are safe. Notifications are also sent to let parents know when their kids have reached a specific location.