5_apps_to_help_you_to_shed_those_extra_christmas_kilosIt’s back to reality after the indulgences of Christmas and New Year. If, like some of us, you’ve been shocked at the figure showing on your bathroom scales or you’d just like to lose a few kilos, there are some great apps to help you lose some weight and make things a bit more fun and less painful.

Weightwatchers – probably the most well known and popular diet programs around, Weightwatchers have recently released a great app which makes it easy to track your eating, activity levels (which can earn points) and weight loss and of course calculate your Propoint food values. The app also has Propoint values of more than 30,000 foods which include most supermarket and branded items readily available in the shops as well as the points value for meals off the menus of popular restaurant chains. The only drawback is that you need to be a Weightwatchers member to be able to download the app.

Lose It! – a brilliant free app which not only tracks your calories, exercise and weight loss but also motivates you to try and achieve your goals. Available for iOS, Android, Kindle and online, it can customise a personalised weight-loss plan which is achievable for your lifestyle and it keeps a tally of the calories and exercise you have done each day so you can see if you have any of your allowance spare for the odd splurge. Simply enter the foods you eat (it has a favourites list of things you eat regularly to speed things up) and it does the rest for you. Similar to the Weightwatchers app, it has a great database of foods and restaurant meals to make things easier.

My Fitness Pal – if you like to be in control of your calorie intake to slim down or maintain your weight, My Fitness Pal is one of the simplest gadgets available to download. Not only does it have the calorie details of more than 2 million different foods but you can also scan in the bar codes on packaged food to automatically log and process its calorie content and nutrition details. For home cooked meals, simply tap in the ingredients and amounts used and it will work out the calories for your recipe. It will also allow you extra treats if you log any exercise you have done. If you need some extra motivation, the weekly calories-consumed chart should be enough to shame you into action if you’ve overindulged.

My Fitness Buddy – if you prefer to burn off the calories rather than restrict them, an app which gets your fit and shedding the pounds may be up your street. This app is packed full of fitness workouts and has a great selection of exercises which are geared to tone up various bits of your body. It can keep an eye on your blood pressure for you, can track glucose levels if you’re diabetic and contains thousands of images which demonstrate exactly how to do the moves. Create your very own personalised workout and you’re away, no excuses!

Diet2Go – for those who find following one particular diet plan dull or too restrictive, the Diet2Go plan may be your solution. This app enables you to pick and choose elements of several well-known diets and tailor it to your particular needs. It features diet-plans including the blood-type diet, a low carb option and a vegetarian plan. Worth a go if you find it hard to stick to one diet regime.