As the UK heat wave continues and you’re out and about enjoying the sunny days and balmy evenings, you may find you’re using your phone more and not always getting chance to charge it up as often. It may be time to consider downloading an app or two to help conserve and extend the battery power on your phone.  Here are 5 of the best.

Juice Defender (Android – Free)

Juice_DefenderMany people swear by Juice Defender for maximising their handset battery power. Essentially Juice Defender will cleverly manage the most battery draining areas of your phone such as WiFi and 3G/4G connectivity and can easily extend your battery life by a couple of hours between charges. One it’s installed it runs by itself and there are preset modes so you don’t need to be daunted if technology isn’t your thing. There’s also the option to customise the settings through the Juice Defender interface which is pretty straightforward to use. Definitely worth a try.

Battery Doctor (Android & iOS – Free)

Battery-Doctor-Battery-Saver-IconWith downloads exceeding 150 million, Battery Doctor is certainly a popular battery maximising app. Battery Doctor can accurately judge how much battery time your device has remaining and the built-in ‘task killer’ will close down apps and processes which aren’t being used and are using up most of the power. As well as giving tips on how to get the most from your battery and how to improve battery maintenance such as how far to let your battery run down before recharging to maximise the battery life, Battery Doctor will also log and monitor how much battery time is being used on the apps/processes you use the most so you can plan your battery usage better.

Carat (Android & iOS – Free)

Carat-appCarat claims to be the first battery-life saving app to give you personalised recommendations for extending the battery life of your handset. How it works is by monitoring how you use your handset/tablet over a few days or longer so it can generate reports and recommend things you can do to improve your batter life and by how long battery use can be extended. It can also compare how efficient your battery life is compared to other users of the same device and will advise what apps are most battery draining and will find any bugs on your phone which are using up precious battery space.

Advanced Mobile Care (Android – Free)

Advance_Mobile_CareNot only does this app optimise your battery performance but it’s also a superb security app for your mobile phone. Some of its impressive features include Anti-theft, Call Blocker, Privacy Locker, Cloud Backup, Game Speeder, Battery Saver and Task Killer. Advanced Mobile Care does a great job of protecting your smartphone from viruses and theft, extending the battery life between charging, managing your apps so anything which isn’t required can be deleted, backing up contacts and call logs on Cloud and protecting your privacy so important documents etc can be locked away with a password. We highly recommend this one.

Easy Battery Saver (Android – Free)

Easy_Battery_SaverWith 4 handy built-in battery saving options from the basic general one to a Super Power Saving mode, Easy Battery Saver in effect  will sort out the features on your phone which are the biggest drain on your battery. These include screen brightness, screen time out and network connections. There’s also an Advanced Customized Mode so you can choose which features are important so your phone still works in the way you want it too. It also has some tutorials in case you need any extra information or help with the settings. Simple and effective to use.