We’re well into the school summer holidays and day-trips and activities may well be exhausted by now and you may be pretty exhausted yourself by the demands of energetic kids requiring a fair bit of entertainment!

Wherever you’re at, here are 5 great apps for your kids which could help with the boredom factor (and some will even help with their education!)

Despicable Me Minion Rush (iOS, Android – Free)

Despicable-Me-Minion-RushIf you’ve seen the film, and there’s a fair chance you have as it’s been massively popular, chances are your kids will love this game which has already topped 50 million downloads. Along the lines of a Temple Run-esque endless running game, guide your Minion through the locations from the film with the usual hilarious consequences whilst defeating villains, causing mayhem and collecting bananas. A word of warning to parents, make sure you’re IAP settings are restricted as virtual tokens can prove to be very expensive...

Night Zookeeper Teleporting Torch (iPad £0.69)

night_zookeeperInspire budding little artists with this fun app which gives you free daily drawing challenges as well as story writing activities and plenty of stories to read as they help care and protect the zoo animals. Handily you can use it on or offline and parents will enjoy joining in and being creative too. You can keep all the artwork your kids create on your own online dashboard so you don’t have the guilt of deciding what to keep and what to discard.

10monkeys Multiplication (iOS, Android – Free)

10monkeys-multiplicationFun and educational games are usually a hit with parents and this is a brilliant app for learning the all important ‘times tables’. Similar to an Arcade Game, 10monkeys offers a selection of mini games where you need to free Bo and his monkey friends whilst practising times tables. Fun to use and high scoring to keep your kids motivated, your kids be soon mastering their times tables from 2 through to 10.

Max’s Pirate Planet (iOS £1.99, Android £0.69)

maxs_pirateA great app for kids who love board games. Choose your pirate and head off on a global adventure in your galleon in search of map pieces hidden in treasure chests scattered in far flung places. Battle spiders, bats and marine animals and defeat the monsters guarding the treasure chests to race your friends to find all of the map pieces which will reveal where Barnacle Bill has hidden his stash of gold. Before you can get your hands on the treasure you need to beat Bill in a cannon shoot-out. Suitable for 4 yrs and up.

Justin Fletcher’s Lettersounds (iOS – £1.49)

justin_fletchers_lettersoundsA clever little app for pre-schoolers and fans of CBeebies. This is the second app from Justin, better known as Mr Tumble from CBeebies, and is aimed at teaching your little ones eight of the first phonics they will start to learn at school. The app uses video clips of Justin for each sound and also pictures and a simple mini-game so they can practise the sounds and pick the correct letter to make a word.