8.7.3 (301)After the successes of our British cycling athletes in last year’s London Olympics, not to mention Bradley Wiggins incredible victory in the Tour de France, interest in cycling and the number of cyclists out on the roads is booming.

If you want to slip on some lycra and use some 'bike time' to optimise your fitness check out our top 5 cycling apps.

Strava (iOS and Android, Free)

Fantastic GPS-based cycling app which allows you to record all of your bike rides and analyses the various information collected from each ride (distance & speed travelled, calories burned and any heights you have climbed). You can view and compare your rides and recorded statistics, set your own personal targets and pit yourself against your cycling buddies and compare performances. You can also check out and explore cycling routes in advance for thousands of locations worldwide.

Coach my Ride (iOS, £2.99)

If you’re after some serious cycling training or just want to improve your fitness, this app is for you. Featuring a professional training programme from top cycling coach Lionel Reynaud, you can create your own personal training schedule and goals. Suitable for all cycling abilities from beginners to professionals, there are over 100 training sessions to choose from which can be customised to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Cyclemeter (iOS, £2.99)

Highly rated and versatile app which as well as being used for cycling, can also be used to record and track other sports such as running and skiing. Simply switch on the app when you start a bike ride and it will collect data on your speed, distance, total time on ride and elevation, you can also pause the app when you stop for a rest-break. At end of your ride you can compare the various maps, tables and graphs it generates to keep an eye on your performance.

Bike Repair (iOS and Android, £2.49)

Unless you want to spend a lot of time at your local repair shop, this great app covers most things you will need to know about maintaining and repairing your own bike. With easy to follow and step by step instructions, it’s invaluable for identifying problems and offering the relevant solution. It has over 60 photo guides and keeps track of all the various components and repairs on your bike and will send you an alert when important checks and general maintenance needs to be done.

Dockr (Android, 65p)

This app maps all of the docking stations in London for the Barclay’s Cycle Hire scheme and lets you know how many bikes are available using TFL data, so you can plan your route and hire a bike if you want to get around London without having to take along your own. The hire scheme has seen over 18 million hires since its launch in 2010 and is due to expand into South West London by the end of this year.