If you're after a case for your shiny, new Samsung Galaxy S6, here are 5 of our favourites:

ZeroLemon Battery Case (Around £20)

ZeroLemonCurrently available in the USA but well worth paying for shipping to the UK is ZeroLemon's great Galaxy S6 Slim Power Battery Case. ZeroLemon are also planning on releasing a similar battery case for the Galaxy S6 Edge in the next few weeks. The battery case for the S6 comes with a superb 2800mAh removable battery which can provide enough charge for more than a full recharge for your Galaxy S6 smartphone. The case is also slim and lightweight and robust enough to protect your Galaxy S6 from knocks and being dropped. On the rear of the case are four LED lights which give you an idea of how much charge you have left in your handset.

Poetic Heavy Duty Case (£13.95)

PoeticThe Poetic Heavy Duty Case features a double-layered hybrid TPU layer with an inner polycarbonate frame. It also comes with a screen protector which is water resistant and scratch proof but it will still offer sensitivity to touch when using your S6 smartphone. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 will be securely protected from falls, drops and also includes port covers for additional water and dust resistancy. The Poetic case comes with a 3-year warranty.

Otterbox Defender Case (approx £39)

OtterboxS6Otterbox have a fantastic range of cases for the Galaxy S6. One of their best and most popular cases is the Defender Case which can be customised with a great choice of colours for the various layers. The Otterbox Defender consists of 3 protective layers including an inbuilt screen protector, a polycarbonate shell and an outer cover made from rubber. Ultra-robust, the Defender case absorbs shocks and knocks, is dust resistant and scratch resistant.

Spigen S6 Case Wallet (£20)

SpigenS6This is a really handy case for anyone who doesn't want to have to carry around a separate wallet and case for their smartphone. Made from a good quality synthetic leather and polycarbonate combination, the Spigen Case Wallet features slots for 3 bank or credit cards, an interior storage pocket and magnetic clasps so it closes securely. The cover of the wallet case also converts into a kickstand to enable the S6 smartphone to be viewed hands-free.

Incipio Octane Pure Case (around £16)

incipios6If you don't want to conceal or cover up the stylish design of the Samsung Galaxy S6, then it's worth checking out Incipio's Octane Pure Case for the S6. The transparent case offers a robust polycarbonate rear panel and a shock absorbent bumper on the front. The Octane Pure case is completely clear in colour and boasts a slim and sleek shape.