iPhone fans are a dedicated bunch and with only a few weeks until Christmas, we've been busy tracking down some great iPhone accessories to impress your nearest and dearest. Here are 5 of our favourite present ideas to make the iPhone 6 even more irresistible.

JBL Charge Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (£69)

JBL-charge1A great device which cleverly offers a portable speaker for your iPhone and can charge it up at the same time. With a whopping 6000mAh battery inside, the JBL Charge Speaker provides more than 12 hours of portable audio playback for your iPhone as well as charging it on the go. It streams audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth compatible device such as smartphones and tablets so it can be used with a whole range of devices. The audio sound is impressive thanks to two amplifiers and a built-in bass which gives it enough power to fill a room.

i-FlashDrive EVO 32GB (£75)

iFlashReally useful gadget to not only increase the storage space on your iPhone but also to back-up your precious photos, documents, contact details and pretty much anything else you want to copy from your iPhone. If you need to free up some space on your iPhone, then you can simply transfer bigger files such as movies onto the iFlashDrive and then just plug it into your iPhone when you want to view it. The device is very compact and there are smaller or bigger capacity options available depending on your budget.

Nova Bluetooth Flash (£49)

Nova-4A portable mini flash-gun for your iPhone with 40 diffused LED lights to enhance the lighting for your photos and videos. It gives off a lovely glow with more natural tones than a harsh flash and works alongside the Nova Camera App so you can control the tone and brightness of the LED lights. Similar in size to a credit card the Nova Bluetooth iPhone Flash is a must for anyone who loves to take great photos on their iPhone.

Monoprice Battery Backup and LED Flashlight (£15)

monopriceAround the same size as a lipstick, this fantastic battery charging accessory hooks up to your iPhone with the Lightening cable and is powerful enough to charge your iPhone 6 up twice between charges. As well as charging up your smartphone, it doubles up as a torch and it's very small size means its super portable as well as extremely handy to stick in your pocket or keep in your bag.

VicTsing Clip-on 180 degree Fisheye lens (£7)

VicTsingThis fun accessory simply clips onto your iPhone to give your photos a new twist. It's compatible with other smartphones and tablets which makes it very versatile and it produces some great high quality wide-angle shots. The lens is very small and lightweight so it can easily be carried around when you're out and about.