Christmas is less than two weeks away so if you still haven't thought about present ideas for your nearest and dearest then it's time to get your skates on. If your beloved is the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S5, then here are 5 great ideas for gifts to make their S5 handset even better.

1. Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 (approx £260)

Gear-2If you fancy splashing out a bit then how about a wearable to go with the S5 smartphone, Samsung's Gear 2 smartwatch? A fantastic companion to the Galaxy S5, the Gear 2 enables you to really make the most of your S5. You can use the Gear 2 to answer calls, pick up emails, record video and take photos amongst other features. It's also very useful for tracking your health and fitness and, of course, you can use it to tell the time!

2. Fuel Key Ring Phone Charger (£19.99)

Fuel_ChargerResembling a small can of petrol, the Fuel smartphone charger is one of the smallest portable chargers out there. Just attach it to your key ring and you've always got some additional juice for your S5 wherever you need it. It's not the most powerful of chargers but it gets our vote as the tiniest. The 220mAh battery should provide around 30 minutes of additional talk time or several extra hours on standby.

3. Bose QuietComfort 20i (£229)

QC20i-HeroIf you're after some premium accessories for the premium S5 smartphone then music lovers will be guaranteed to drool over these amazing noise-cancelling earphones. The Bose QuietComfort 20i certainly look the part and they offer around 16 hours of playback, a hands-free remote and they can be charged via a microUSB port. Best of all they are superb at eliminating any background sound so you can really immerse yourself in your music.

4. Mobio Go Handsfree Car Mount (£19.99)

SONY DSCAn excellent and compact car mount which doesn't spoil the look of your dash or take up too much space. The Mobio Go Handsfree is a made from metal and will securely attach your S5 to your dashboard thanks to a very powerful magnet. Your smartphone can be adjusted into the required angle and you simply just detach it by pulling your handset off it.

5. VicTsing Water/Dirt/Snow/Shockproof Case (£9.99) -

VicTsingSuperb if you're looking for a case which is pretty much everything-proof. Perfect for those who like to take their phones into the great outdoors, this VicTsing case has a waterproof certificate of IPX68 and is also dirt, snow and shockproof. You can use it to snap photos underwater (up to a depth of 6 metres) and it comes in a choice of 4 colours.