If you’re other half is a bit of a techie or appreciates a decent gadget, here are some of our favourite present ideas to go on this year’s Christmas list.

PowerBank Keyring Smartphone Charger

PowerBank_Keyring_Smartphone_ChargerA rather ingenious and super lightweight and portable smartphone charger. Measuring less than 10mm in height and only weighing 65g, the keyring charger is ideal for charging up smartphones on the move. It packs in a decent 2600mAh of power and connects to your phone using a micro or standard USB cable. It’s also worth buying a spare cable so you can have the cable and charger together at all times. Ideal for a long day of mobile use or travelling when recharging your handset would usually be a problem. You can also pick them up for around £12 and they’re compatible with most smartphones which are charged with a USB cable.

Garmin HUD (Head-Up Display)

hud-lifestyle-2This clever device is essentially a very clever sat-nav which means you don’t have to look down to see where you’re going. How it works is it receives navigational information from your smartphone and projects directions and route details onto a see-through film on your windscreen. It also has lots of additional features such as speed limits, what speed you’re travelling at, traffic delays and tells you what lane you need to be in. All you need is one of these and a Bluetooth-enabled Android, iPhone or Windows Phone 8 with the relevant app – price from around £90.

Zensorium Tinke (approx £75)

zensorium-_tinke-1-100020334-largeA new slant on staying fit and healthy. Compatible with any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) which runs on iOS 5.0 or later, the Tinke gadget monitors your cardio respiratory fitness and stress levels by tracking your heart rate, oxygen levels in your blood and respiratory rate. The Tinke uses cutting-edge light technology and Photoplethsmography (PPG) and records the results of the checks to create a VITA index (cardio respiratory) and ZEN index (stress levels). Just plug the Tinke into your iOS device, cover the sensors with your thumb to start getting the readings to indicate how healthy you are.


scentee-chatperf-05-13-13-02Coming to the UK very soon is a new smartphone gadget invented in Japan. Scentee is a cartridge which plugs into your phone and in conjunction with an app it releases an aroma when you get a notification of a text or email or the alarm on your handset goes off. There are several choices of cartridges with different smells including coffee, bacon, strawberries and lavender. You can even set it to release the ‘fragrance’ when you get a ‘like’ on your Facebook account!

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

LOMOGRAPHY2A really brilliant gadget to convert any snaps on 35mm films into digital photographs. Compatible with most smartphones (check the list on the Lomo site), all you need to do is insert the 35mm films into the scanner and either use your handset’s camera or the Lomoscanner App to create quick digital versions of your 35mm photos. The scanner is compatible with most types of 35mm film such as slides, negatives, black & white film and panoramic sized images. Once you’ve got digital versions of your photos you can easily share them online, email to friends and family or print off some copies. Genius and it only costs around £50.