OK - so you’ve got your hands on the lovely iPhone 5 but now you’re looking at getting a few extras to get the most out of it. As you can imagine there are some seriously cool bits of kit you can buy, we are talking about Apple after all. Here’s the low down on some of our favourite accessories.

If you’re into sport or just like to have your iPhone very close to hand, the Belkin Armband is perfect for protecting your handset and keeping it dry. It rather handily snaps shut onto your arm to keep it securely in place and is made from neoprene and lycra which means it’s water resistant if you’re out and about in our rather inclement weather. Choose from Black, White or Day Glow and no more excuses for not getting your running shoes out.

This one’s a bit of a splurge at £99 but worth it to watch a great variety of films, TV and sport. You can also stream your music and impress your friends with a screening of your photos and videos.  The Apple TV is a neat little box which works wirelessly in conjunction with your HD television. You can play content from your iPhone, iPad and iPad touch, watch films from Netfix and rent movies from the iTunes store. The iPhone 5 acts as your Apple TV remote control so you can control your TV from wherever you are.

If you’re prone to dropping or wrecking your handsets and having to purchase expensive replacements, the Griffin Survivor Military Duty case could be the best investment you make. Available in a selection of funky colours they not only look the part, they also offer protection from most hazards known to iPhones. Shatter-proof, shock-proof, waterproof, sand and mud-proof they pretty much cover all eventualities and there’s even a belt clip so you can do your utmost not to lose it.

As we head into winter, some iPhone-friendly touchscreen gloves could come in very handy. Why get frozen hands (which are never ideal when you’re trying to use your phone) when you could get some which have been especially designed to work with touchscreens and have the added bonus of keeping your hands nice and toasty. There are many types of touchscreen gloves available including the impressive North Face E-tip gloves which are one of our favourites.

An in-car charger is an essential if you spend a lot of time on the road. The Griffin Power Jolt Dual Universal Micro Car Charger is one of the best in our opinion. It boasts two USB ports so pretty much any of your gadgets with a USB port can be charged at the same time as your iPhone 5. It’s particularly useful if you use a navigation app on your phone when you’re travelling.