If you’ve already got your hands on a new iPhone 5s, you may be searching for some accessories to keep your handset safe or to make the most of your lovely new phone. Here are 5 new accessories which are already available to buy.

Apple iPhone 5s Dock

iphone5dockApple have just released a new docking station for the iPhone 5S. Simple but effective for charging your handset, it has a lightening connector so it can also be used for the older iPhone 5 model too. The dock can also be connected to speakers to play your music and it has a speakerphone so you can use it for calls whilst it’s charging.


iKit NuCharge Battery Charger & Case

ikit-nucharge-1900mah-battery-pack-case-for-iphone-5s-5-black-p40158-300As the name suggests, this product is a combined iPhone battery charger and case. Not only does this genius gadget protect your iPhone it also extends the battery life to well over 24 hours of talk time or internet use or it will provide enough charge for a couple of days for medium usage. It does add a little bit of bulk and extra weight to your iPhone but if you’re a heavy user or work outside where it can be tricky to recharge your phone, it’s a small price to pay.

Gripmount iPhone 5s Car Kit

IMG_0551-252x450For around £20 you can pick up a Gripmount Car Kit which comes with a suction cap to attach to your windscreen or dash so your iPhone 5S is handy for making hands-free calls or using as a sat-nav. It also features a car charger so a great buy if you’re out on the road a lot.


KitSound X-Dock 2 Lighting Clock Radio Dock

KitSoundCalled the X-Dock 2 for short, this is a clever accessory with features a digital clock, an FM radio and an alarm. So essentially as well as docking and charging your iPhone 5s, the X-Dock 2 also gives you also have a handy alarm clock radio. The X-Dock 2 retails for around £50.


Tech21 D30 Impact Leather Flip Case

36432Apple have brought out their own leather iPhone 5S case but the Tech21 D30 case gives them a run for their money. The Tech21 case features D30 technology which means it offers your iPhone superb protection from knocks, bumps and being dropped and the leather case is slim and lightweight to boot. The case can also be used as a stand and is around £10 cheaper than Apple’s leather version.