If you've got your hands on a lovely new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus then no doubt you'll soon be looking for some accessories.  Here are some of the best around and a few to put on your Christmas list.

Zagg InvisibleShield Glass (approx £22)

zagg_invisibleshield_glass-1We're still waiting for the first iPhone to be made with a sapphire glass screen so if you want to protect your iPhone 6 screen from shattering then this shield is an ingenious way to add some additional robustness. Made from toughened tempered glass, the InvisibleShield Glass fits over your iPhone 6 screen offering added protection from falls and knocks and is completely see through. It measures just 0.4mm thick, has a lifetime guarantee and your iPhone touchscreen will still respond in the same way just with some peace of mind thrown in too.

Biologic Bike Mounts (varies according to size and case)

Biologic_Bike_MountsThere's a great accessory for both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for keen cyclists as Biologic Bike Mounts made a great range of cases which fit onto your bike handlebars. Whether you want to use a cycling or exercise app, use your phone to plan your route or just to keep it handy to stay in contact, there's a choice of cases which offer protection from all weathers as well as from knocks and bumps.

OtterBox Defender Case (from around £38)

otterbox_iphone6OtterBox are well known for their ultra tough and rugged smartphone cases and there's already a range of cases available for the iPhone 6. Their multi-faceted Defender case will keep your iPhone 6 safe from dust, dirt, scrapes, scratches and of course from being dropped and bumped around. Made from a triple-layer of protective materials, they come with a built-in screen protector and can be customised with a choice of colours and other options.

Aquatik Waterproof Case

KS_Story v4Unlike some of their competitors, the latest iPhone handsets are not waterproof. However fear not it will soon be possible to buy a waterproof case for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. A company called Lunatik are currently raising funds to manufacture the waterproof Aquatik case and it should be available to buy in January. The slimline Aquatik case will not only offer complete protection from water, it also looks the part and comes in 5 different colours.

NomadKey (£20)

nomadkey-smallA really clever and simple gadget which is totally portable and can be easily carried on your person. NomadKey is a key-shaped Apple Lightening/USB cable which is small enough to be attached onto your key ring so your iPhone 6 can be charged on the go at any time - genius!