tripIt_InfoAmongst the thousands of apps available out there, a recent 'Ask Reddit' thread asked for people to post their favourite apps which are still relatively unknown. Here are five of the best ones which are worth checking out.

TripIt (iOS, Android - free)

Keep all of your travel arrangements stored in one place with this clever travel organising app. All you need to do is download the app, email your travel confirmations to the specified address and TripIt will created your very own itinerary with details flights, hotels, car hire and restaurant bookings. You can also sync your itinerary with your smartphone and laptop, add in maps and directions and they can also be viewed offline. If you do a lot of travelling for business or pleasure then this is definitely for you.

CamScanner (iOS, Android, Windows - free)

Now here's an app which could come in really handy. Basically CamScanner can scan all sorts of documents including receipts, invoices, business cards and notes so you can store them on your smartphone or create PDFs to email to your contacts. The scanned documents can also be synched across all of your devices including iPads, PCs and tablets. CamScanner includes features which can enhance the look of the document to make it clearer and sharper and there's also the facility to crop the image. If you've got an Apple device you can also use AirPrint to print or fax your document directly from your smartphone.

Duolingo (iOS, Android - free)

If you need to brush up on your French or fancy learning a new language then Duolingo is a fun way to improve your linguistic skills. You can choose from French, Spanish, German, Italian or Portuguese or if you're feeling brave, you could give all five a go! It's been voted one of the best language apps around and is suitable for all ages and abilities. We've even been inspired to give it a go here at Chitter Chatter, bon chance!

Sleep Cycle Power Nap (iOS - £1.49)

Power Naps are said to boost your brain power and memory so what better excuse to schedule in a regular nap with the help of this great little app. Enjoy a rejuvenating nap without falling into a deep sleep or have a longer sleep without the risk of sleeping for hours and waking up feeling groggy. There are three nap modes which include Power Nap, Recovery Nap and Sleep Cycle to choose from. The app can monitor your movements so it knows when you're asleep and depending on the mode, it will gently wake you up so you feel refreshed and ready to carry on with your day.

Horizon (iOS £1.49)

Horizon enables you to record video horizontally regardless of how and at what angle you're holding your iPhone, iPod or iPad. So if you haven't got a steady hand or the kids are busy trying to video something, your videos will always come out level! Horizon also has eight filters you can add to enhance your film and you can choose whether to shot with your rear or front facing camera.