As we haven't run a '5 Hottest Games' article for while, we thought it was about time we did one. Take your pick from of favourites below.

Monument Valley (iOS, Android £2.49)

monument valley screenThis highly rated game has seen over half a million downloads in a month on iOS alone. It's been such a big hit for its London-based developers that this week it was also released on Android. Lauded for its beautiful design and graphics, it's an exploration through stunning architecture and optical illusions. Guide the silent princess Ida to explore exquisite palaces and temples whilst keeping a step ahead of the Crow People. Suitable for all ages, easy to complete and guaranteed not to raise your blood pressure.

Heads Up! (iOS, Android - £0.69)

An app version of those popular party games where you have to guess the word on a card which is on your forehead. Just download the app, choose the category of words to guess (there are 18 themes in total),hold the phone up to your forehead and tilt your phone to pick a card. Your friends describe the word on your phone which could be anything from the name of a film to the name of a celebrity, animal or character and you have to guess the correct word from their clues. Great for parties, family get togethers and travelling and fun for kids and adults alike.

2048 (iOS, Android - Free)

An extremely addictive number puzzle game, you're faced with a selection of numbered tiles which you swipe to move across the screen. When two tiles touch next to each other with the same number, they merge into one tile with the sum of the two numbers. You keep swiping those tiles until you create a tile with the number 2048 and then you're the winner. Play by yourself or challenge friends to beat your score.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (iOS, Android - £2.99)

The official game to accompany Sony's Amazing Spider-Man 2 blockbuster. A fun and adrenaline charged game, Spider-Man needs to protect New York City from attacks by infamous villains which include the Green Goblin and Electro. Show off your wall climbing and web making skills in this cinematic 3D game with aerial battles and spectacular acrobatic combats. Set in 6 different New York districts and with 6 villains to fight, it's a must-have for any Spider-Man fans.

Boom Beach (iOS, Android - Free)

Boom Beach is a all-action combat strategic game. The aim is to fight the war to counteract attacks from the baddie Blackguard. As the name suggests you are fighting on beautiful tropical islands which have been invaded by enemy forces. You need to battle to win control of the beaches, free the native islanders whilst exploring the islands and beat Blackguard to uncover the mysterious ancient powers of the islands. Suitable for ages 13+.