If you’re looking for a decent case to keep your iPhone 5S handset in tip top condition as well as protecting it from knocks, here are 5 of our favourites.

Incipio Kicksnap


This tough and hardwearing case features an ultra-hard shell to help protect your iPhone from bashes and bumps and has been specifically designed to fit the iPhone 5 and 5S. Despite the robustness of the Kicksnap, the design doesn’t detract from the look of your iPhone and is also very lightweight and slim fitting. Available in black and retailing at around £15, the Incipio Kicksnap comes with a clever kick stand so you can use your iPhone hands-free in either portrait or landscape which makes it ideal for watching video or films too.

Kavaj Dallas


This rather lovely and classy case not only keeps your iPhone 5S safe but it also looks the part as it’s made from 100% leather with a soft flannel interior to absorb bumps and to keep the dust out. The Kavaj case also features several slots on the back to store your bank cards or money so it can double up as a purse or wallet on a night out. Costing just under £25, the Kavaj Dallas case opens a bit like a book so you can easily access your iPhone and is held securely in place with magnets when closed.

Lego Builder Case


If you’re a kid at heart or are looking for a bright customisable case, this fun Lego case could be for you. The Lego builder case is essentially a Lego base plate so you can add your own design of colourful bricks in any pattern you like or keep your kids occupied with some creative Lego building.

Otterbox Defender


If you have an outdoor lifestyle or want to child-proof your lovely new iPhone 5S, the multi-functional Otterbox Defender case is super robust. Featuring several different elements, the Otterbox Defender comes with a toughened screen protector and a polycarbonate inner layer which is encased in a silicone outer layer which together give your handset superb protection from scratches, being dropped and dust and sand. It also comes with a belt-clip holster and kickstand and costs from £40.

Mophie Juice Pack


A great iPhone 5S case-come-charger, the Mophie Juice Pack comes with a light-weight 1500mAh battery so you can keep your iPhone charged for longer extending its usual battery life. Brilliant if you’re on the go all day long, it will also keep your mobile safely protected in its slim and light case. The Mophie Juice Pack also has a micro-USB port so you can charge up your iPhone and the Juice pack at the same time without having to take off the case.