hopsterWeek one of the school holidays down but we've still got 5 to go. And it's raining! If you're struggling for things to keep the kids entertained, here are some apps that should do the trick (and won't rot their brains...)

Monopoly (iOS £0.65)

Perfect for all ages and guaranteed to keep the kids busy for an hour or two. This version of the classic Monopoly game comes with three different levels to choose from depending on the age of the players or whether you want to challenge yourself or not. For those long and involved games, there's the option to save your game and return to finish it later. The beauty of playing Monopoly on an app is that you can also play with friends and family further afield by inviting them to join you for an online game.

Paddington Bear (Android, iOS - £1.49)

Paddington has had a bit of a revival recently thanks to the recent and rather good Paddington Film. Aimed at younger children or even Adults who remember Paddington from the first time around, this app features the classic story of Paddington Bear and his journey from darkest Peru to Paddington station where he met his new family the Browns. The story comes with some lovely illustrations and you can film yourself and others reading the story to make your own Paddington videos. As well as the story and film making, the app includes the option to take photos so you can feature in your own photos with Paddington Bear.

Chess - Play & Learn (iOS, Android - Free)

Not only fun to play but handy to keep the kids on their toes and mentally active during those long summer weeks. Free to download, this great Chess app features thousands of Chess puzzles and games to solve and with millions of users, it's easy to find a playing partner if you don't have one to hand. With videos and lessons from some of the world's famous Chess masters as well as interactive tutorials, the holidays are a great opportunity to become a Chess whizz kid.

Me Comics (Android, iOS - Free)

There are comics to suit all ages and tastes in this great app from My Little Pony and Disney to The Beano and Transformers. No more spending a fortune on kids magazines in shops or having to cart around bundles of paper, this app version means your youngsters can read and customise their own comics by adding sound effects, narration and voices. One comic is included with the app for free and there's the option to buy additional comics starting from £0.69 each. There are 60 comic titles available in total so plenty to keep budding bookworms busy.

Hopster (iOS - Free) A

imed at children aged 6 and under, Hopster is a fantastic app which features unlimited streaming of popular kids TV shows which includes Ben & Holly, 64 Zoo Lane and Louie as well as educational games. The TV shows can be downloaded to watch offline so it's ideal for travelling or when you don't have access to WiFi and the games including tracing letters and learning phonics. The app is free to download and comes with a certain number of free TV episodes and games, for additional shows and watching programmes offline a subscription fee applies.