The_Complete_52_Diet_AppIf you're in need of some new inspiration to stay on target for your New Year's resolution or have decided to take the plunge and get fit, lose weight or both, here are 5 of the best apps for diet and fitness.

The Complete 5:2 Diet (iOS, Android £1.99)

You may have notice there are different types of 5:2 diets in abundance at the moment. They are based on reducing your calories for just 2 days a week when you can have approx 500-600 calories and then for the rest of the week you can eat normally. If you find it hard to keep track of what you're eating and how many calories are in everything, this app is ideal. As well as a 4-week recipe guide, there are also exercises you can follow to boost your diet and of course your calories and weight-loss are all tracked to make things simple.

Noom Weight Loss Coach (iOS, Android - free)

There are a lot of diet and weight loss apps out there so it's not always easy to tell which one may be the best for you. Noom Weight Loss Coach features all the usual options such as keep tabs on calories eaten, your weight and what exercise you've done but it also has some added extras which we think are not only handy but also motivating. Noom has it's very own pedometer so you can keep an eye on the number of steps you take and it also offers articles on fitness and health daily to help you achieve your goals.

Zombie Run (iOS, Android £2.99)

Whether you're already a keen runner or you're just keen to start running, some extra motivation which is also bit of fun is never a bad thing. The idea behind the app is to set you various challenges which you need to complete before the zombies catch up with you. You'll definitely know when they're getting close and it will definitely get the adrenalin pumping so you run faster! As well as the zombie scenarios and challenges, you can also use this app alongside your music player so you get to listen to your favourite tracks as well.

The Belly App (iOS £1.83)

If you're a bit bored of the usual fitness stuff and want to try a new type of exercise, The Belly App could fit the bill. You'll be surprised at how good a belly dancing workout can be - not only are you toning up your belly, abs and core, you'll also tone up your legs, chest, arms and hips. This app comes with 40 different belly dance routines on video so there's lots to choose from to keep you entertained.

Diet Assistant (iOS, Android - free)

If you ever fancied having your very own diet coach and weight-loss motivator, this app could be just the job. Packed full of handy and time-saving features, Diet Assistant provides you with a customised diet plan, shopping lists, weight loss tips as well as a BMI calculator and weight-loss tracker. Whatever dietary requirements you have, this app will come up with a diet and recipe plan to suit. Whether you're looking to lose a bit of weight or just eat more healthily, Diet Assistant can personalise a plan according to how much weight you want to lose or maintain.