If you're like us, when you've got a free few minutes to kill sitting on the bus, train or tube, you whip out the iPhone to while away some time playing games.

If you're bored with your existing portfolio, here are a few that we'd recommend downloading.

Game of Thrones (£3.99)

Game_of_ThronesFans of GOT are sure to love this fantastic adventure game for the iPhone and iPad. The game is being released in six separate episodes with episodes 1-4 currently available to download and episodes 5 and 6 ready over the coming weeks. With stunning graphics, gripping plots and familiar GOT characters, there are lots of tough decisions to be made which will affect the ultimate outcome of the game. We're eagerly awaiting the next episode!


Virtua Tennis Challenge (£3.99)

virtua_tennis_challenge3A great edition for the iPhone, there are 50 fictional tennis players to challenge to tennis matches in some of the most iconic tennis venues across the globe. You can pick your stadium, playing surface and the match type you want to compete in and play on our own or against your friends. Select the type of tennis you want to play from Training Mode, Quick Match Mode, Exhibition Matches or the SPT World Tour. Guaranteed to get you in the mood for Wimbledon.


Heads Up (£0.79)

headsupLots of fun to be had with this smartphone charades game. Simple to play, all you have to do is guess the word on the screen of your iPhone which has to be held over your forehead, you just need a group of people to describe what you're trying to guess. Perfect for entertaining family and friends at parties or occupying your kids on long journeys, choose from a good selection of categories such as Animals, Films, Celebrities and Characters to name a few.


Small World 2 (£4.99)

small_world_2The second version of the Small World fantasy board game renowned for its compelling, strategic fun. The aim of the game is to amass as much land as you can by conquering territories with your armies of elves, trolls and ogres. You are dealt two decks of cards, one of which features the characters of the game and the other adjectives such as heroic and peace-loving, the combination of cards will decide the rules for your particular armies. As the cards are dealt randomly, every game is unique and guaranteed to be fun.


Bejeweled Blitz (Free)

bejeweledblitzShort and sharp, this is a great game to play when you don't have much time. The idea is to swap the brightly coloured jewels in a grid so that at least 3 match. Once your line is matched, more jewels appear ready to be matched and of course there are rewards to earn including coins, rare jewels, boosts and level ups to keep you coming back for more.