This is the Android you're looking for.

The latest version of Android is here and for once it's not named after a dessert. It's mainly available on Google Pixel phones (including the Pixel 3 XL) and the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, yet it is slowly becoming available to a wider selection of Android phones. Here are some of the coolest features that are included in your Android 10 software update.

Dark Mode

Android 10 features a new and improved dark mode that integrates a dark theme to the phone's menus and various built-in apps. Once in use, you will see that apps like photos, clock and contacts will have a black background. Dark Mode also helps to save battery life, so it is now included in battery saver mode. If the dark mode has not previously been turned on, it will automatically switch to it.

Brand new Emoji

As expected, the newest version of Android comes with a whole new set of emojis, including most of those we recently showed you for iPhone. It comes packed with more non-specific representations of numerous professions with the choice to specify race and gender, as well as a selection of new foods, animals and miscellaneous emojis such as garlic, a sloth and a yo-yo.

Sound amplifier

Sound amplifier is now available and allows your Android device to boost sound, reduce background noise, and fine-tune audio while you're listening to a podcast, music or any other audio-intensive action on your phone. It's a fantastic improvement not only for hard-of-hearing users but for everyone else as well.

Opt-out of Ads

A new privacy tool has the ability to pull-out of ad targeting, which in turn, means that Google won't apply your data to personalise the ads you see on your phone and through the numerous Google apps and services. Go to the advanced privacy settings and select 'Opt out of Ads Personalisation'. You'll still see ads, it's just they won't be personalised to you as the ad providers won't have as much information available to them to target people that may be interested in their products.

Family Link

Integrated within Digital Wellbeing, Family Link allows you to monitor and limit your children's tech uses with a set of controls and safeguards. For any phones attached to the family plan, parents can view real-time device location, control apps and set screen time boundaries for certain apps or the whole phone.

Android 10 is available on some phones now, but it's expected to arrive on the Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 before the end of 2019.  You can also read more about the update on Google's blog.

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