In addition to the 5 x faster than 3G download speeds, there are some great extra benefits for switching to EE 4G. If you’re considering the move to get your hands on super-fast broadband from your handset and you already live in an area with 4G coverage, here are some extras to tempt you.

Free WiFi on the Tube – passengers on the London Underground have been enjoying  complimentary tube WiFi in recent months thanks but this is due to finish at the end of the year. However  if you’re an EE 4G customer, EE have just signed a deal to  provide free WiFi underground for the foreseeable future. WiFi access on the underground is also due to expand considerably in the next few months with 20 more stations going online by the end of this year and another 28 due to be switched on sometime at the beginning of 2013.

EE Film – continuing on from the Orange Wednesday cinema deal, all EE 4G customers can take advantage of 2 for 1 cinema tickets. The offer is valid on Wednesdays at cinemas across the UK, simply download the EE Film App or send a text to the appropriate number from your EE phone and you’ll get a text with your free cinema ticket code to present at the box office.

Unlimited Music – with over 18 million songs to choose from, another great perk for EE’s 4G customers is access to free unlimited music. The Deezer Music Mobile App lets you quickly download and listen to whatever tracks take your fancy whether you’re online or not. You can also create and share your own playlists and try out some of the recommendations suggested by the Deezer team.

Gaming – if you’re a bit of a gaming fan, the extra fast download speeds will undoubtedly make mobile gaming way more fun. Not only can you play in High Definition and choose from a single or multiplayer option but EE 4G also gives you 2 games downloads on the house each month.

Clone Phone – never lose your photos and contacts again with the Clone Phone app which can be used on Android and iPhones. Just download the app and start cloning so your diary, images, videos and contacts are safely stored in the event that you lose or damage your phone.

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