iPhone_6Whatever smartphone you have, there are always some really useful features that take time to discover. The new iPhone 6 is no exception so we thought we'd take a look at 5 great things you didn't realise you could do with yours.

Quick Charging

If you use your handset a lot and let's face it, if you have a lovely new iPhone 6 then that's highly likely, then being able to charge it quickly would certainly be very handy. Did you know that if you switch your iPhone 6 onto Airplane Mode it will charge way quicker and it will save you a few pennies on your electricity bill too.

Quick Access to Draft Emails

If you need to pull up your email drafts quickly then there's a simple and easy way to access them so you can continue with whatever you were writing. All you need to do is look for the 'Compose' icon which is at the bottom on the right hand side of your screen and hold it down and any emails which are still drafts will appear.

Help Siri with her Pronunciation

If Siri is having a few problems pronouncing words correctly then you can let her know and pick the option which sounds the closest to the right pronunciation. You need to let Siri know that her pronouncing isn't quite right by saying to her 'That's not how you pronounce X'. This will prompt several other ways of saying the word in question which you can listen on your iPhone and select the best one which will then be stored for next time.

Capture a Screen Shot

This is a handy feature for both the iPhone 6 and the iPad. If you need to take a screen shot from your device of a web page, an email or a text you can capture an image of it which is saved on your camera roll. Just hold down the home button simultaneously together with the power button on your iPhone or iPad and it will take a screen shot for you.

Customise Your Messaging Shortcuts

A great feature which can save you quite a bit of time. Just access Settings, General Keyboard and Shortcuts and you can set up your own messaging shortcuts. For example, if you tend to sign off your messages with See You Later, you could set this up as SYL - the full text will drop into your message every time you type the abbreviation.