TVRemoteApp5Just using your smartphone for making calls, texting, Facebooking, snapping pics and surfing the internet?  There's an awful lot more that your smartphone can do, particularly if you've got an iPhone or Android device that can access all the wonderful apps in the App Store or Google Play.

Here's our favourite 5 alternative uses for your smartphone to get you started.

1.  Use your phone a remote control

OK - some you may already have a remote control for your TV or DVR, but it does have a habit of disappearing down the back of the sofa. And what about all the hassle involved with having to change the batteries. And needing one remote control each device.

If you delve into the App Store or the Google Play you'll find lots of apps which turn your smartphone into a remote control that will work multiple devices. And it's not just for your home entertainment devices either - you can control PCs, Macs, high end cameras and even start your car using your smartphone.

2. Use Your Phone as a SatNav

Apple Maps may have had its fair share of bad publicity but there's a host of other great SatNav apps out there that will give you the same turn-by-turn audio navigation you'd expect from your TomTom or Garmin. Some of them are even free.

3. Use Your Phone for DIY

iHandy Carpenter is a great app for the iPhone which saves you investing in some pricey DIY tools. In this case, the app provides you with a virtual plumb line, a spirit level, a steel protractor and a steel ruler so you can hang pictures and assemble shelves to your heart's content.  Ideal for the geek DIYer around town.

4. Interior Design on Your Smartphone

Want to match your wall colours to that new sofa you've invested in. Use BEHR's Colorsmart app. Want to layout the rooms in a new house and work out which furniture should go where? Use Mark on Call to design your room. Want to see whether that new piece of furniture will go work in your house? Use the uDecore augmented reality app to place 'virtual' furniture in each room. Job done.

5. Pay Your Bus Fare

Fed up with fishing around in your pockets for change for the bus? Most smartphones (bar iPhones) now come with NFC built-in, the contactless payment technology. And London buses are now kitted out to enable them to accept fares from NFC-enabled phones. Fish around in your pockets for loose change no more...