S6_SM-G920F-005-L-Front30-White-Pearl-pr757-2_pd684 (1)If you've already got your mitts on a Samsung Galaxy S6 or are planning on signing up for one soon, it's always useful to know how to get the absolute most out of your smartphone. It's not always that straightforward to uncover some of those handy features that make your life a bit simpler, so here are some great tips for using the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Maximise the Battery

The Galaxy S6 battery is pretty impressive but did you know you can get even more from it by using the Power Saving Mode? You should be able to get around two days worth of use between charges if you use it and it doesn't hugely affect the performance of the S6 either. The Power Saving Mode on the S6 will automatically switch off the vibrations for notifications and will tone down the brightness of the screen and lower the screen frame rate but none of these should impact on its use very much and if you need to squeeze as much battery life out of your handset then it's definitely worth doing.

Keyboard Swipe Input

If you prefer to use the swipe method when using your smartphone keyboard for messaging and emails then there is an option to change the settings on the S6 to facilitate this. The keyboard default setting is for 'Cursor Control' which is when you tap on the letters to form words so you will need to enable the 'Continuous Input' for swiping the keyboard instead. Go into Messages and hold your finger down on the cog button located along the bottom of the screen, this will bring up a pop-up with another cog which you select and then choose the Continuous Input in this menu.

Multi Window

One of the popular features on the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones is the Multi Window functionality where you can open more than one window and run more than one app on the screen at the same time. This can also be done on the Galaxy S6, all you need to do is switch it on in My Device Menu under Settings and you're ready to go.

Fingerprint Lock

Make your S6 smartphone secure by locking the Fingerprint Sensor when you're not using your smartphone. It's crucial that you protect your handset particularly with the new Samsung Pay feature in the pipeline as you don't want unauthorised users racking up purchases on your smartphone. Go into Settings followed by Lock Screen and Security and then Fingerprints to lock it.

TouchWiz Easy Mode

If you want to simplify your S6 handset and just take it back to the essentials then consider using the TouchWiz Easy Mode. It will basically just display the apps you're likely to use the most which include the Phone, Messaging, Internet Browser as well as the Camera, Photo Gallery and Music. You can find the TouchWiz Easy Mode under the Settings Menu.