battery charge stageMaximising and making the most of your smartphone battery life is pretty important for people with busy work and social lives. If you're on the go throughout the day and evening, then it can be frustrating if your mobile phone needs to be charged up before you crash out for the night. Here are some top tips to get the most from your Android smartphone battery.

1. Tone down your screen brightness

It may sound obvious but it can make a significant different to your battery life. Aim to set your mobile screen brightness to 50% or below and if you're already using Android Lollipop then turn off the Auto Brightness option. Another useful setting is to change the length of time your screen is on before it sleeps, if you can bare it then switch it to the shortest amount of time. Go into the Display menu under Settings to make both changes.
Switch off Sounds and Vibrations you don't need - if you've got your smartphone pinging for social media notifications or vibrating when texts and emails come in then make sure all these added extra sounds are turned off. They all use up extra battery power and most of us can manage without them.

2. Check what is draining your battery

Go into Settings followed by Battery and pull up the data on which apps are using up most of your battery power. Even apps which aren't in use can be using vital charge. If you know you've got a particularly busy day when you're not going to get to recharge your smartphone then you can avoid using the apps which are going to drain your battery the quickest.

3. Check Bluetooth and NFC

Both of these can battery eating monsters and you may not even be aware that they are active. If you don't need them then get into the habit of just switching them on if you need them. You should be able to disable them by going into the Wireless and Networks menu on your handset.

4. Use your Battery Saving Mode

If you've got a Battery Saving Mode on your smartphone - and many of the big names usually have - then you may as well use it. It usually comes into effect when your smartphone battery reaches a certain level and your emails and other messages may stop syncing when it's activated. The new Android Lollipop operating system has its own battery saving mode within the Battery menu and it can prolong the use of your smartphone for an additional 90 minutes.

5. Turn off location tracking and GPS

Another part of your smartphone which can be a bit heavy on battery use is location tracking and GPS used by Map Apps and social media apps. Again just activate them if and when you need to use them, they can be switched off by go into the Location menu which is found under Settings.