ios7_homescreenIf you have an older iPhone model and are finding that the new features on iOS7 are getting through your battery faster than iOS6 did or just want to get the most from your new iPhone 5S or 5C, here are some great battery saving tips to squeeze some more use out of your handset between charges.

1. Any apps which refresh location or content when you’re connected to Wi-Fi (even when you’re not actively using those apps) are a fairly big drain on your battery life. If you want to preserve a decent chunk of battery, you could completely disable the ‘Background Refresh App’. If this is a bit drastic or you still want access to some location apps, then you could turn off the ones you don’t use such as Location Based iAds, Compass, Popular Near Me, Traffic or Setting Time Zone.

2.  AirDrop is a great new iOS7 feature but it’s also heavy on battery use and it’s pretty straightforward to turn-off when you’re not using it. Just go into the Control Centre and tap twice to disable Airdrop – when you want to enable it again, you can tap twice to reactivate it. It’s also worth disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the Control Centre if you’re not using them for a period of time.

3. An obvious one but now a lot quicker to facilitate, turn down your brightness settings in Control Centre and save some precious battery power.

4. Turn off Automatic Downloads for books, apps and music from the iTunes Store and App Store; go into Settings, then iTunes & App Store and then Automatic Downloads where you can disable them. You can still update these manually as and when you choose but it certainly saves battery life if you can control the downloads yourself.

5. Our final tip not only extends your iPhone battery life but also may also help those iOS7 users who are suffering from motion sickness from the animations of the revamped operating system. It’s possible to reduce the motion of the parallax effect (perception of depth) which affects the wallpaper, icons and alerts by going into the ‘Accessibility Menu’ (in Settings & General) and then turn ‘ON’ the ‘Reduce Motion’ option which will disable it.