It's been over 3 weeks since Christmas Day so it's likely that your kids are getting bored with their pressies already.

How do you keep them quiet until their birthdays without spending the earth. How about one of the apps below?

It’s a Small World

Its_a_small_worldOne of Disney’s apps and based on their popular Small World theme park ride. This rather cute app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is aimed at the under 6’s and enables them to journey around the world and learn how to say ‘hello’ in 16 different languages! Packed with beautiful illustrations and animation, they can explore different countries including Africa, the Far East and the Oceans in between with plenty of engaging activities to keep them busy. It also features some great orchestral music and the original song lyrics from the Sherman Brothers so you get a bit of culture along with the educational stuff.


A rather amazing looking app which combines storytelling and a game all in one. The basis of the app is that ‘The Numberly’s' is a world in which only numbers belong until 5 friends decide to make the numbers into letters to form the alphabet. By spinning, jumping on, bashing them and pulling them apart, your kids can have rather a lot of fun creating their letters. Aimed at 4 year olds and upwards and available for the iPhone and iPad.

Parker Penguin

Another educational app for little people aged between 3 and 6, this app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch tells the story of the life-cycle of an animal, i.e. Parker Penguin. From the same creators of Franklin Frog, children can help Parker Penguin through the important events in his life from being a newborn, exploring his Antarctic habitat, hunting for food, avoiding being eaten by his predators, finding a mate, keeping an egg safe and hatching a baby penguin who becomes Parker’s son. The life-cycle then continues with the new baby chick. With lots of interactive activities to keep small hands busy, lovely animation and some great music, this one should be popular.

Lego City Fire Hose Frenzy

If you have Lego fans, this latest new app from the famous toy-brick makers should keep them occupied for an hour or two. Assist the fireman (and fire dog) to extinguish the many fires breaking out all over Lego City using a variety of tools and equipment including the usual ladders, fire engines and helicopters. Currently available on Android.

star-walk-ipadStar Walk

One of the best and frankly amazing science apps for kids, Star Walk makes the sky into a personal planetarium simply by pointing your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch at the sky (or ceiling if you’re still indoors!). The app has a huge database of stars, planets and satellites and with a touch of augmented reality; it can find and identify thousands of objects in the sky. Award winning, hugely educational and masses of fun for kids (& grownups); we can’t wait for a clear night so we can do some star gazing.