sound-asleepIs your partner almost as much in love with their smartphone as with you? Here are 5 gifts you could buy them for Valentine's that should tilt the balance in your favour.

Sound Asleep Pillow (£29.95)

Brilliant for relaxing at the end of a hard day, the Sound Asleep Pillow is essentially a luxury pillow with an in-built speaker. Ideal for winding down before you to sleep, the Sound Asleep Pillow can be used to listen to music or audio books or even to improve your mind by learning a new language or doing a spot of brain training. There are no wires to worry about or uncomfortable headphones, the Sound Asleep Pillow is compatible with smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and other devices which support a 3.5mm stereo jack.

Swarovski Betty Romantic Smartphone Case (approx £60)

If you're looking to impress your better half with a bit of bling but don't want to break the bank then this sparkly case from Swarovski could prove to be a hit. Designed specifically to fit the iPhone 6, the Betty Romantic case is a shimming version of crystals and crystal pearls with a heart design in the centre. With pretty shades of silver, it's makes a fantastic Valentine's gift.

Smartphone Projector (£15.95)

This fun and simple projector can turn your smartphone into your very own portable projector. It's also a bit of a DIY project as it's made from cardboard with a glass lens and you need to assemble it yourself. It's well worth the 15 minutes spent assembling it though as you can project your own photos and clips as well as stream films, cartoons or music videos onto a wall for a spot of viewing with family and friends. It's compatible with most smartphones which have a screen size of under 5.5-inches and if you order quickly, you can get your hands on one in time for Valentine's Day.

Postagram (around £1.30)

Smartphone geeks are sure to love a Postagram card. Available for both iOS and Android smartphones, the Postagram app is free to download and you can send your loved ones a fantastic postcard of an image from your handset. All you need to do is get the app, choose a picture along with the message you want to include and Postagram create a glossy high quality postcard which is soon winging it's way to your recipient.

Smartplane (£42)

What a brilliant present idea for gadget geeks! How about a remote control mini plane which is controlled from a smartphone. With a 60 metre range, the Smartplane is pretty impressive too and uses Bluetooth technology which enables you to fly the plane which can be tilted and turned with straightforward controls which can be done with just one-hand on your handset. With up to 30 minutes of flying time per charge, you could challenge your other half to see how is the best pilot.