You’re already using mindfulness and yoga apps to stay calm and you’re all Netflix-ed and podcast-ed out. So, how else can you stay entertained? What about a new hobby or learning a new skill? These apps for iPhone and Android can help.


This is a great app if you want to use this time at home to improve your cooking skills but don't have the money to spend on expensive ingredients. If you're sticking to basics only at the moment, you will be surprised to find that you can still cook some delicious meals.

The SuperCook app has a database of over 1 million recipes and gives you recipes which will work with the items that you already have in your kitchen cupboard so you don't have to go out to the shops for any ingredients. Super helpful in so many ways!

Seven minute workout

You can create workouts based on your own needs and complete a workout in seven minutes with no extra equipment. Perfect for life under lockdown, it’s great to help you energise your body in the morning before a day of homeworking or homeschooling.

DIY project ideas

House a mess but struggling to get off the sofa? The DIY project ideas app will fill you with DIY inspiration for future home and garden projects. Most of the projects are super simple and don’t require much special equipment. Each project comes complete with comprehensive, easy to follow instructions.


This awesome language app makes learning a new language fun and is completely addictive. There’s only so many Zoom parties you can attend on a weekend before getting seriously bored or frustrated. If you are looking for a new hobby to keep you entertained, learning a language is not only fun but adds to your skillset. After all, who knows where life after lockdown might take you? There are 39 languages available to learn for English speakers.

Real Piano

Always wanted to play the piano? Simple! Download an app. Featuring an interactive piano keyboard you can learn chords that span seven octaves. There’s also a variety of instruments to choose from that give you different sounds whilst you learn.

Knit & Crochet Counter

If you’ve taken up crochet as your lockdown hobby you’ll love this. Need help keeping track of your stitches, rows, or patterns? This crafty app is great for keeping track of your crochet projects and lets you take notes along the way. Track multiple projects and enter in your rows to find out how much time is left on a project.


What about writing a novel? A bit too ambitious? Never! Just download this cool new app that guides you through the main aspects of writing a novel using a structured methodology and helps you to come up with a plot for your next literary hit.


Sounds familiar? This app generates a range of boredom-busting ideas for you and your family or housemates to try. All you have to do is tap the button to get a random activity. Don’t fancy the first option? Keep clicking the button until you find something you want to try.


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