If you have a Samsung, HTC, LG or other Android OS-based mobile and have bought a new iPhone, Apple has just made the transition smoother with a new app called "Move to iOS".

It has also, quite expectedly, sparked a battle amongst the two factions - Android lovers and Apple fanboys - check out the comments on the app's presence on the Google Play store - they make for a great read!

Apple's new app helps you transfer all your data and contacts from your old Android phone to your brand new iPhone. You don't need to connect it to a computer, just download the app onto both phones. The app is quite lightweight at 2.6Mb but remember to turn on WiFi.


What Can I Transfer?

All the data on your old mobile such as email accounts (such as Google, Exchange and Yahoo), photos, videos, texts, contacts, calendars and internet bookmarks are transferable. It also proactively suggests apps to download based on what you had installed in the previous phone.


The Process

  • When you have unpacked and started up your new iPhone, you should get a Apps & Data screen while setting it up for the first time. Click "Move Data from Android" here to immediately begin.
  • Now, on your Android device, download the "Move to iOS" app and launch it, use WiFi. The app create a private WiFi network connecting the two phones. The iPhone app sends a request to the Android to transfer data. Tap Continue & agree to the terms & conditions, then tap Next in the Find Your Code Screen on your Android mobile.
  • Repeat the process on the iPhone and enter the code that connects the two mobiles.
  • Now that you have approved the connection, wait for the Transfer Data screen to appear and select the content you want to transfer.
  • Depending on the amount of data you have, it should take anywhere between a few minutes to 20 or more.
  • When the loading bar on your iPhone is full, tap Done on your Android mobile and Continue on your iPhone to finish setting it up.

What's the Catch?

Your Android mobile has to be running Android 4.0 (KitKat) or above. Here's how you can check which OS your mobile is running on - head over to Settings>>About Phone>>Android Version. If you need to update, click System Updates>>Check For Update.

Also, you need to have the latest version of Chrome (click here to access it on Google Play store)

Why Move to iOS9?

The new OS for Apple devices that's being rolled out this month has a slew of new features including a new contact-less mobile payment service called Apple Pay, a more intuitive and faster Siri, a revamped Notes app and more. Read more in "What’s New with iOS 9?"