Earlier this week, Apple officially launched their Apple Watch - which will be available on Friday, 24th April. Prices will range from around £299 for the 38mm aluminium Sport edition, £479 for the mid-range stainless steel version and around £13,500 (!!) for the most expensive 18-carat gold models . Let's take a look at the Apple Watch in-depth.

If you want the perfect wearable companion to your iPhone, then the Apple Watch will certainly fit the bill. Compatible with any iPhone from the iPhone 5 onwards, it's packed full of great features. You can keep your iPhone or iPad safely tucked away in your pocket or bag and still keep up to date with your calls, messages and social media updates via the Apple Watch on your wrist. And of course Siri comes into her own when you can quickly and simply ask for directions or information and get the results displayed on your wrist in an instant.

The homescreen is filled with a selection of circular shaped app icons and navigation is either by using the touchscreen or by turning the 'digital crown' button which takes you through the various screens and menus. The watch face can be customised using the crown button. Underneath the digital crown is another button called the 'digital touch' which can be used to bring up contacts you have spoken to most recently. You can also use it to send quick photos and doodles.

One of the main features of the Apple Watch is its focus on health and fitness. The watch features a heart rate tracker and it will also work out how many calories you're burning as well as the number of most active minutes each day. It can be set up to give you a nudge with a ping when you've been sat down for a certain amount of time and it keeps tabs on how long you've spent standing up. The Workout app will motivate you with monitoring of your pace, time spent exercising and distance covered with goals to attain and achievements celebrated.

Popular apps which will be available for the Apple Watch from launch include Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Apple Maps. American Airlines have created an app which enables you to use the watch to check-in for flights and display your boarding pass on your wrist and W Hotels have one which can be used to unlock your room by using your watch. There's also a whole host of possibilities for using your Apple Watch in your home with smart home apps designed so you can control lighting, security cameras, doors and locks.

With all this functionality, exactly how long is your Apple Watch battery going to last? It should last for around 18 hours of average use - perfect for a full day's use and an overnight charge - and it's charged using a magnetic charger.

All in all, we can't wait to get our hands on one, and bet you can't too.  Only 5 weeks to go...