Google recently launched their new Android operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop, which is currently being rolled out for compatible smartphones and devices. Google's new Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 tablets will come preloaded with Lollipop and will be available next week with updates to existing Nexus tablets ready in a few weeks time. Here are some of the new features we'll be able to use very soon with Android Lollipop.


Google have done a complete redesign of the look and style of their Android OS with Lollipop which is called Material Design. Colours are brighter and more vivid, the typography is larger and the overall design is consistent with the same look replicated across all areas. The navigation buttons have had a makeover and they are now in the shape of a triangle, circle and square.


The lockscreen has been upgraded so it now shows notifications (see below). To unlock, simply swipe upwards. You can also swipe right to open the dialler and swipe left to use the camera.

Improved notifications

Notifications will be available on the lock screen for Android Lollipop and they will automatically appear in order of priority. They can be opened by double tapping or swiped away if not needed.

Multi Tasking

The apps area of Android Lollipop has been upgraded into a card layout style similar to Google Now. There will be a separate card for each open tab app or tab and they can be swiped sideways to close. An app can now have multiple cards which is handy for functions such as emailing so you can still see your inbox as well as the actual email.

2 New Modes

There are two great new modes on Lollipop - Priority Mode and Guest Mode. Priority Mode can be used when you only want to be notified of updates by certain apps when you're busy. It also has a timer so you can set it for a certain amount of time before it reverts back to normal. Guest Mode is a really useful mode whereby you can let a colleague or friend use your smartphone or tablet without having access to all functions on your device. They can pick up their own emails and guest data can easily be deleted when it's no longer needed.

Notification Bar

There's a new look for the notification bar with new style of layout and bright colours. Quick settings is now accessed with a second downward swipe.

New Battery Saving Mode

The new battery saver mode for Lollipop should enable the user to get an additional 90 minutes of battery life out of their device by ensuring that unused apps are not draining battery power and by providing information on what apps are the biggest drain on power.

Nexus Player

Lollipop will come with a new and exciting feature called the Nexus Player. Essentially the Nexus Player enables Android TV on your smartphone or tablet and will facilitate videos, TV programmes, games and photos etc to be shown on your television. It looks like the Nexus Player will work on the same lines as Apple TV and some of the big electronic companies including Sony and Philips have already signed up to participate.