It's finally here! The much hyped and seemingly never-ending wait for Apple's new addition to their product range, the Apple Watch, was unveiled yesterday by Apple's chief exec Tim Cook.



The Apple Watch is Apple's first 'wearable' and is compatible with any iPhone from the iPhone 5 onwards. It will be come in three different collections which are the stainless steel Apple Watch, the aluminium Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition which is made from 18 carat gold. It will be hitting stores sometime in early 2015.

So was it worth the wait?  We think so.  It's bursting with some rather fantastic features and also looks the part thank to its premium design and curved sapphire glass display. The Watch has a rectangular face, a round 'digital crown' raised button which you turn to zoom in on apps, photos or Apple Maps. It's also doubles up as the home button and is used to control the stopwatch. The second flatter button which is located under the digital crown pulls up your contacts information so you can call or message any one of your contacts or you can tap your Apple Watch so it passes on a vibrating 'tap' onto your friend's Watch.

Apple's Watch comes in 2 different screen sizes which are 38mm in height and 42mm, each of the three versions of the Watch will be available in both sizes. It's also as customisable as you could want. There are a selection of colours for the metal wristbands or you can go for a leather or plastic strap if you prefer. The touchscreen display on the Apple Watch will initially come in 11 'base' screen designs which range from a traditional watch face to the Photo face, Mickey Mouse and a fetching 3D image of Earth. These watch faces can also be customised so you can alter the colour, design and choose your own functions to display on the screen.


OK, it looks great but what does the Apple Watch actually do? Well quite a bit in fact. As with all watches, the Apple Watch at its most basic tells the time, it also enables you to keep in touch with your contacts without having to constantly check or use your iPhone handset and it features a wealth of health and fitness tracking to keep you on the move and motivated.

The Apple Watch also come with Siri so you can dictate messages or emails or look up information and it allows you to transfer an incoming call to your iPhone or onto your car speakerphone if speaking via your Watch is not convenient. You can also check your emails with a quick glance of your wrist and deal with anything which needs a typed reply on your iPhone.

In terms of health and fitness, the Apple Watch tracks your movements throughout the day and can also measure physical intensity as in addition it monitors your heart rate. There's a great new Activity App which provides a colourful wheel of your daily activities such as how much you've moved and how many calories you've burned, how many minutes of brisk exercise completed and how often you've stood up.

As well as keeping tabs on physical activity, the Apple Watch will suggest a new daily Move goal (calories to burn) each week. The built-in Workout App lets you input the type of exercise you've done such as running, cycling etc and will suggest goals to aim for and will motivate you by celebrating targets reached and achievements.

Other notable features of the Apple Watch include a Passbook to store tickets, boarding passes etc, Apple Maps function, Music control for your iPhone, a remote for the camera on the iPhone and the usual calendar, alarm and stopwatch apps.

The Apple Watch looks like being a great wearable for lovers of the iPhone, look out for further information and details of when it will be available in the UK right here on the CC blog.