apple-iwatchThe competition for wearable technology or wearables as some call it really seems to be hotting up right now. Not only have Google been grabbing headlines with their Google Glass invention but there has been anticipation that Apple are about to make an announcement about a wearable of their own.

There have been plenty of rumours that an ‘iWatch’ has been under development for a little while but most of the information has been speculation up until now. However Apple have applied to register trademarks under the name ‘iWatch’ in locations all over world just recently so it looks like Apple’s smart watch may be imminent..

So what exactly is a smart watch? It’s not exactly a watch as such although it will tell the time as well as doing a while host of other things. It’s a piece of technology which is worn on your wrist and usually works alongside you smartphone so you basically have access to some of the functions/apps on your phone via your smart watch even when you can’t have direct access to your mobile.

The wearable market is estimated to be worth £500 million a year globally but is expected to double by 2014 and although Apple are unlikely to generate huge amounts of cash from an iWatch product, it will no doubt appeal to Apple lovers and gadget fans which in turn helps to build loyalty to the Apple brand.

There are already various smart watches available on the market, Sony are about to launch their SmartWatch 2 which works in conjunction with most Android phones or tablets and vibrates to alert you to calls, emails, texts, appointments and social media updates as well as offering many other useful features.

It’s likely that an iWatch will work along similar lines and will connect with other iOS devices so you can keep a close eye on your phone calls, emails and SMS at all times which will be particularly useful in situations like meetings, concerts and events where it’s not appropriate or permitted for mobiles to be used.

It’s expected though that Apple’s iWatch will offer far more than the smart watches currently on sale with speculation that it could be used to pay for goods and services, store important documents such as flight tickets and will undoubtedly have some sort of fitness element due to the popularity of health gadgets such as the Fitbit. There’s also quite a bit of excitement about the possibility that the iWatch could feature Siri - imagine being able to talk into your watch and be able to text or call people or look information up! Similar to Sony’s smart watches it’s fairly likely that you’ll be able to control or play your music through an iWatch too and maybe use it to control your TV.

Apple has hinted that some exciting new products will be launched in the autumn of 2013 and into 2014 so we’re hopeful that the iWatch will be unveiled sooner rather than later. Keep an eye on our blogs for news as we get it.