There really are apps for everything these days so if you're looking for love, trying to maintain the romance, in need an imaginary partner or even want to end a relationship, then here are some fun apps to give you a hand.


hinge_appIf you're bored with Tinder and want the additional safety of hooking up with someone one of your friends, colleagues or family knows then it's well worth giving Hinge a whirl. It's also likely that you'll have more in common with a person who is already friends with your friends or contacts. In effect it's a bit like meeting someone through friends on a night out or at a work function or wedding. Every day you are sent details of several possible love matches chosen from single people already currently in your social media network using interests in common so therefore either people you know directly or indirectly via friends in your Facebook network. Hinge gives you a profile of potential dates, photos, where they work and how you are connected and you can message anyone you are interested in. A great way to meet new people.


hero_boyfriendSo you've finally got the girl but you want to make sure you can hang onto her by wooing her beyond those heady initial months. The HeroBoyfriend app will help you to keep those fires of passion burning by offering suggestions and reminders so your girlfriend can't fail to be impressed by the thought and effort you have gone to to make her feel extra special. Just download the app, answer five straightforward questions about your relationship and then the app will notify you of special dates with reminders and will suggest ways to impress your other half. The app keeps tabs of your location so will suggest food shopping when you're near a supermarket, will remind you to do some cleaning at home and will also suggest ideas for gifts and nights out.


binder_appSo when it all goes pear shaped and you want to break up with your partner, guess what, there's an app out there which can do the job for you although in a fairly heartless way. With a similar name to a well-known dating app, Binder will send a text to your soon to be ex to notify them of the break-up and will also send a pre-recorded message along with a reason for the break up. If you really want to download the app, then Binder requires your partner's name, gender and mobile phone number. Once you've completed these details, you have to swipe right to 'bin' them. The app has been created by Tennent's Lager which may give a clue to its jokey nature.

Invisible Girlfriend/Invisible Boyfriend

invisible-girlfriend-startup-provides-fake-love-for-a-priceIf you need a virtual partner in your life, then check out the Invisible Girlfriend or Invisible Boyfriend apps who can generate one for you. Pick a name for your virtual girlfriend or boyfriend, decide on their age, select a photo and you can even create a personality and details of how and where you first met. To make your invisible partner more credible so you can brag to friends and family, you can text him or her and they will text you back.